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MetaVid is a community archive project for public domain US legislative footage. It was started in 2006 as a thesis project of Michael Dale and Abram Stern under the advisement of Professor Warren Sack. Its continued development is supported by a grant from the Sunlight Foundation. You can read more about the archive here and more about metavidWiki software here

Writings about metavid

Michael Dales Thesis (2006): Democratizing the Archive: An Open Interface for Mediation

Supported By

In addition to the many individual contributors metavid is supported by:

In April of 2007 The Sunlight Foundation issued a major grant to the metavid project which funded a full year of development and hardware infrastructure upgrades.

Kaltura has sponsored the development of an open source video sequencer for use with wikipedia. Metavid will make use of this sequencer as well.

Film and Digital Media Department and CITRIS provide the space for the metavid servers

An NSF grant funded some early development.

The University of California Santa Cruz has provided hosting for the metavid project since January 06.

Metavid was originally developed in the DANM (Digital Arts and New Media) program at UCSC. DANM provided the initial hardware for the project.

Special Thanks

The Metavid project has received advisement and support from: Jeff Ubois and Carl Malamud

While Metavid was an MFA thesis project it was under the advisement of Professor Warren Sack, Margaret Morse, Sharon Daniel, Jim Whitehead, and Isabel Reichert.

  • Gerardo summer of code student 09 helped with mv_embed development
  • ^j developer of ffmpeg2theora
  • conrad (developer of oggzchop and other annodex tech)
  • Zalman (help with pd overlay)
  • Nelson & Gavin of Free Culture
  • Gerald Barnett (ucsc legal council)
  • Ray for finding Peanut Butter & Etch-a-Sketch
  • EFF for legal counseling,
  • Mark James at for his creative commons icons
  • Lyle Troxell (technical help for DANM)
  • everyone on #annodex has been helpful :)

Open Source Software

Metavid incorporates and uses many FLOSS (Free/Libre & Open Source Software) projects.

  • A standard LAMP stack: (fedora core linux,php, mysql, apache)
  • Server Side:
  • mod_annodex/oggz (Annodex)
  • ffmpeg-php
  • ogg theora(
  • gocr
  • ivtv
  • Server Side Applications:
  • word press
  • mediaWiki
  • semantic mediaWiki
  • Client side Javascript and Plugins:
  • jquery
  • vlc & annodex firefox plugin (annodex)
  • firefox
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MetaVid is a non-profit project of UC Santa Cruz and the Sunlight Foundation. Learn more About MetaVid

The C-SPAN logo and other servicemarks that may be found in video content are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of these trademark holders are affiliated with Metavid