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The Open Video archive of the US Congress

metavid is in open beta If you have questions add them here, you can also report general site issues here

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MetaVidWiki includes an powerful searching system, you can use the search form in the left column to find people, bills, interests or issues

About MetaVid Archive

MetaVid is a community archive project for public domain US legislative footage and is Supported By a Grant from the sunlight foundation.

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Metavid depends on people like you to help make it a better archive for the next person. Here are some quick tips for improving the archive as you use the site.

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About MetaVidWiki Software

MetaVidWiki (MVW) is a free extension of MediaWiki – the wiki-system powering Wikipedia – that enables community engagement with audio/visual media assets and associative temporal metadata. Metavid extends the SemanticMediaWiki extension and adds three interfaces to mediawiki: Stream MetaEditor, Semantic Media Search and Media Sequencer. Also see features overview

Looking for Legacy Metavid?

We also run the old metavid software. You can access the congressional video archive while MetavidWiki is still in beta here

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MetaVid is a non-profit project of UC Santa Cruz and the Sunlight Foundation. Learn more About MetaVid

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