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* [[Help:Bloggers#Embedding_clips_in_your_blog|Embedding clips in your blog]]
* [[Help:Bloggers#Embedding_clips_in_your_blog|Embedding clips in your blog]]
* [[Help:Bloggers#Linking to specific times in the Video|Linking to specif times in the Video]]
* [[Help:Bloggers#Linking to specific times in the Video|Linking to specific times in the Video]]
* [[Blogs using metavid videos]]
* [[Blogs using metavid videos]]
===Advanced Uses of Metavid===
===Advanced Uses of Metavid===

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Metavid is a community driven archive of legislative video from both houses of the U.S. Congress, spanning from early 2006 to the present. This archive is searchable by speaker name, spoken text, date, user submitted categories and metadata we've scraped from outside sources. Metavid is built upon wiki technology so in addition to browsing the archive, you can help us improve its accuracy it by fixing transcripts and annotating speeches with speaker and bill information.
All contributed content and metadata is made available for reuse in its entirety under a free content license. Video content is in the public domain.

How to Use Metavid

MetaVidWiki includes an powerful searching system, you can use the search form in the left column to find people, bills, interests or issues

Get Help

For basic usage, check out Help:Usage_Quickstart. If you have any questions, they may already be answered in the Help:FAQ. If not, register and add them.

You can also chat with metavid developers & our community live on #metavid.

Help for Bloggers

Advanced Uses of Metavid

About Metavid

How to Participate

Metavid depends on people like you to help make it a better. Here are some quick tips for improving the archive as you use the site.

About the Metavid Wiki Software

MetaVidWiki (MVW) is a free extension of MediaWiki – the wiki-system powering Wikipedia – that enables community engagement with audio/visual media assets and associative temporal metadata. Metavid extends the SemanticMediaWiki extension and adds three interfaces to mediawiki: Stream MetaEditor, Semantic Media Search and Media Sequencer. Also see features overview

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MetaVid is a non-profit project of UC Santa Cruz and the Sunlight Foundation. Learn more About MetaVid

The C-SPAN logo and other servicemarks that may be found in video content are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of these trademark holders are affiliated with Metavid