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House Proceeding 06-26-09 on Jun 26th, 2009 :: 0:02:35 to 0:07:05
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Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: by the gentlemanrom virginiaing mr. forbes, or his designee, which shall be considered read, shall be debatable for 30 minutes equally controlled byn opponent and a proponent. the gentleman new york -- the

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: gentleman will control 30 minutes of the bait. the gentleman from california. mr. waxman: i ask unanimous consent that all members have five legislative days to rhett rhett -- to revise and extend their remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. waxman: i yield myself such times i might consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized.

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: mr. waxman: we're taking a decisive action to support america's security and create millions of clean energy jobs to drive our economic growth. this bill, when enacted into law will break our dependence on foreign oiling make our nation the world leader in clean energy jobs and technology and cut global

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: warming pollution. as a result of these new policy settings, we will create millions of clean energy jobs for america and restore our technological leadership in clean energy. we are also protecting consumers. the bill tackles big problems that have been ignored for far too long, and it proposes solutions that will transform

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: our economic and clean air environment. there is a remarkable coalition behind this bill. electric utilities suppo the bill, manufacturers support the bill, farmers support the bill, and so do the nation's leading environmental organizations, labor unions and faith-based groups. there are many members

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: responsible for this remarkable coalition. on the energy and commerce committee, john dingell helped force compromises with the auto industry. rick boucher developed ideas that will provide a future for coal. mike doyle addressed the concerns of the steel industry and other trade vulnerable industries. the chairman othe ways and

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: means committee worked with us of low-income families are fully protected. and the chairman of the agriculture committee made sure the legislation addresses the concerns of farmers and makes them part of our energy future. the need to act is clear and urgent. there is a national security

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: imperative to act. this legistion at long last begins to break our addiction to imported foreign oil and put us on a path to true energy security. there is a scientific imperative to act. the evidence on global warming, on the consequences of carbon emission is overwhelming, and we have based our bill on the

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: science. and there is a moral imperative to act. we have obligations to protect and preserve the environment for our children and the generations that follow. and there is an economic imperative to act. this legislation is an enormous jobs bill for america. it will promote investment and

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: growth for decades ahead, creating jobs for the new energy economy of the 21st century. people in industry have told us that as soon as this legislation becomes law we will find billions of dollars invested in infrastructure over the next five years.

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: we can see an incredible lost opportunity if we don't act now. these are amazing, developing new technological centers around the u.s., and we can see those jobs going overseas. and superiority going overseas as well. and this bill is affordable. contrary to what we are going

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: to hear from our friends on the republican side of the aisle, the congressional budget office found that this legislation would cost households an average of only $175 in 2020, less than 50 cents a day. the e.p.a. put the cost at 22

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: cents to 32 cents a day, less than the cost of a postage stamps and lowering utility bills by 7%. this bill is a tremendous opportunity creating mlions of new jobs and driving economic growth. it will end our dependence on

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