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Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: him just days ago and said that alan sounded more hopeless and more depressed. as you would expect. mr. president, the release of alan gross must remain front and center in any discussion with or about the cuban regime.

Bill Nelson

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Speech By: Bill Nelson

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: and that's why many of us in this chamber have joined in writing to our ambassador -- the ambassador of cuba here, since we don't have diplomatic relations, is called the chief of the cuban interest section, and asking the castro gentleman

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: castro regime toimmediately and unconditionally release alan gross as a humanitarian gesture and a sign of compassion for his family. and yet we are met with stonewalling silence. mr. president, while we remember mr. gross and we keep pressure

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: on the castro regime, the senate must also fulfill its duties toward the rest of the western hemisphere. and a case in point, four countries in latin america are currently without a u.s. ambassador. that's the job of this senate,

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: to confirm appointments of the president. venezuela, bolivia, nicaragua, and ecuador. now, the case of venezuela, it's not because we don't have a nominee. it's because, in fact, we're having some trouble with the chavez government and we've been without an assistant secretary

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: of state for western hemisphere affairs since july. now, this isn't in the interest of the united states not to have these people in place. and so we have basically two weeks to go if we get out a week

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: before the christmas holiday. that's an "if," by the way. so during this time, while we go through all the things that we have to do, such as solving the doctors' problem, such as

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: extending this payroll tax cut, such as appropriations bills, such as extending unemployment compensation for people who desperately need it, and such as extending a lot of the tax extenders. so while we go through all of

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: this in the next, what, ten legislative days, then we also must fulfill our constitutional duty to consider these important presidential appointments.?? and there's one right in front of the senate right now, the

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: ambassador to el salvador. mauri car men elponte. she is the ambassador to el salvador. she's known all over the united states in hispanic circle because she has held a number of foreign service officers, a number of posts. and during the august 2010

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: congressional recess, the president named her ambassador to el salvador. that recess appointment is going to expire at the end of this year. before joining the state department, she served as expect active director of the puerto

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: rican federal affairs administration and president of the very respected hispanic national bar association. typical sentiment in florida, expressed in a recent "miami herald" editorial that supported

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: her confirmation, saying that -- quote -- "her diplomatic success has earned her unprecedented support of the private sector and of most prominent political leaders in el salvador." mr. president, it was unprecedented that three former

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: presidents of el salvador came all the way to washington to show their support during her nomination hearing. my wife, grace, and i were recently visited by the first lady of el salvador, and what she pointed out, of all of these

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: terrible events and her country struggling to recover from the tropical depression that made the landfall this past fall, the heavy rains caused major damage throughout central america and 70,000 salvadorans are living in

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: shelters. and that little country faces many challenges. so if for no other reason, we don't need to continue after the end of the year not to have an ambassador. we need to confirm mrs. aponte as soon as possible so that she continue exercising the

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: necessary u.s. leadership. latin american countries continue to be america's fastest-growing trade partners. we need to continue to promote that trade. it helps our economy. it deepens the econo linkages.

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: we can explore clean energy initiatives, and we can help them as they continue to strengthen transparency in government and the rule of law. we need to pay more attention to latin america, not less. disengagement is not the answer. so this is just another reason,

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: mr. president, that we need to confirm this nomination as quickly as possible for the ambassador to el salvador.

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