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Covers some more advanced usages of Metavid Wiki software (that may not be


Manage congress record display types

If you click on stream tools you can adjust the layers which are displayed. This feature won't be very useful until we start adding in more layers like different language translations.

How to use Metavid with Miro

The rss links for a given category or search result should work with miro.

Advanced Search

If you click on "advanced search" you will be given more options for searching the data set. This gives you a pull down where you can combine different search types.

  • Search Text: will search against all the transcript text for a given input.
  • Spoken By: will generate a pull down allowing you to select a person to search for
  • Category: will match all the temporal text within a given category range
  • Date Range: allows you to select date ranges

Semantic Queries

Metavid stores metadata via the semantic media Wiki extension. See the Sample Semantic Queries page Also see inline queries on


Metavid supports the existing mediaWiki apis and also has cmml xml output for timed text associated with given streams. You can access this CMML by clicking on the rss caterpillar in the upper right of the stream view.

MediaWiki API

Since metavid is based on mediaWiki all wiki text is also accessible via the mediaWiki api

Semantic MediaWikiApi

The Semantic MediaWiki can also be quried and get video rss feed back. See Sample Semantic Queries page for more details

Search Export API

We export podcast like rss feed for arbitrary searches. For example here is an rss feed for anytime iraq was spoken by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or John McCain

you build these urls with filter sets. Each filter set includes filter type, value, and aand or not operator. If using a scripting language such as php you can construct an array that can be transformed into a URL via http_build_query using the above example your array might look like this:

$req = array('f'=>
          'v'=>'Hillary Clinton',
          'v'=>'Barack Obama',
          'v'=>'John McCain',
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