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This should serve as a guide to installing the MetaVidWiki Software Its assumed that you have already installed mediaWiki. Check out metavid from the SVN

svn co


add to LocalSettings.php

ParserFunctions are necessary for metavid wiki (so include them)

require_once( "$IP/extensions/ParserFunctions/ParserFunctions.php" );

set up namespace:


set metavid namespace to smw namespace + 6

$mvNamespaceIndex=$smwgNamespaceIndex + 6;

include SemanticMediaWiki settings (if used)


include after enableSemantics to enable metavid Extension semantic wiki overrides


base templates

These base Templates (for structuring output of metadata) can be added by running the

php maintenance/metavid2mvWiki.php update_templates

(this also includes congress templates that may or may not be of use to you)

sql that must be run on install

Run the sql: maintenance/mv_tables.sql

PHP / GD support

Parts of MetaVidWiki require that PHP was built with GD (image creation library) support enabled. In many environments, this is the case. If it is not the case in your environment, you might need to build or download PHP with GD support to use MetaVidWiki. Here is a list of resources that might be helpful:

File permissions

You may need to set the permissions of the stream_images directory so it can be written to by the web server.

Adding your first "Stream"

Once you have installed and metavid shows up in the special:Version page your ready to add your first stream to the metavid system. To add a stream simply make make a new stream page by typing in its wiki page name ie: Stream:MyStream. As an admin user you can then add in a file pointer to a mod_annodex hosted ogg file and save the page. You then need to insert screen shots. You can use maintenance/ogg_thum_insert.php to use ffmpeg to add screen shots for a given media file (in the future this should be automated).

note: for best results you should use the high quality original (.dv or .mpeg2)  to grab the screen shots rather than the compressed .ogg file. 

if all goes well you should now be able to pull up the stream interface by viewing Stream:MyStream

More Help

if you run into difficulties you can stop by the irc channel or email the list the README

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