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mwEmbed and New Location

mv_embed is now called mwEmbed and is supported as a stand alone library on kaltura's html5 media page.

Old mv_embed reference material

Sample Embed ogg file using mv_embed

Mv_Embed is a javascript library for easy embedding of ogg theora/vorbis media with the html5 tag. You can use it like so:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<video src="mymovie.ogg">

mv_embed will then rewrite the video tag to whatever playback method is available on the client be it native support, java cortado, mplayer or vlc

Mv_Embed is part of mwEmbed that provides the base library for other mediaWiki media functionality. For more info see projects overview on mediaWiki.

Multiple source types

If you want to be accessible to users that only have flash playback you can include both an ogg and flash video like so: (we presently use the multiple source feature here Now that Firefox 3.5 is out and java cortado has improved, flash fallback is less needed.

For a healthy web video future we recommend only using ogg also see Help build a better Internet with Open Video

      <source type="video/ogg" src="mymovie.ogg" />
      <source type="video/h264" src="mymovie.mp4" />
 Sorry, your system either has JavaScript disabled or does not have any supported
 player.<br /> You can 
 <a href="">
 download a player</a> to play the clip in your browser <br>
 or <br> 
            <li><a href="mymovie.ogg">download the ogg clip</a></li>
	    <li><a href="mymovie.mp4">download the h.264 clip</a></li>

Multiple sources, Multiple timed text tracks and Simple remote Embedding

we support the ROE (Rich Open multi-track media Encapsulation) format. This can be used for clean remote embedding multiple text/video/audio tracks in a single xml encapsulation (with MetavidWiki we make this xml accessible over javascript requests for remote embedding) used cars sacramento ..

<video roe="my_roe_file.xml"> 

Also see usage in this blog

PHP based Flash Media Server

  • To accompany the support of flash video a php based flv segment media server has been written.
  • Based off of FLV4PHP
  • Supports arbitrary clients that support flv playback. (like using VLC to play back flv)
  • Tested with Sorenson h.263 flash baseline codec but in theory would work with other flash codecs in the flv container.
  • sample usage to pull 20 to 40 seconds from myCLip.flv
 <video src="mvFlvServer.php/myClip.flv?t=0:0:20/0:0:40" >

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More options

There are ofcoruse many other options (like thumbnail,poster, size, inline transcript display etc) (not all of which have been well documented yet) but in general we aim to support as much of the html5 video spec as possible and provide a rich player interface for using html5 video


This site [] of course make heavy use of the library. Remote embedding of metavid content also uses the library. When using the remote embedding feature be mindful of Security Considerations

If your site uses mv_embed you can list it here.

SVN access

MV_Embed is released under the GPL2 and hosted by the wikimedia foundation. In general the svn version represents the best version it can be checked out by running:

svn co

Download Releases

(new release will be made available shortly)

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