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Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: house and i urge my colleagues to adopt these rules. i now ask unanimous consent for the balance of the time to be controlled by the chairwoman of the rules -- rules committee, the distinguished lady from new york, chairwoman slaughter. the speaker pro tempore:

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Speech By: Louise McIntosh Slaughter

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: without the gentlewoman is recognized. ms. slaughter: thank you, mr. speaker. i yield myself such times i may consume. and i want to begin by thanking the gentleman from maryland for his statement and yielding the me the time to present t opening day's rules package for the 111th congress. mr. speaker, rarely has our

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: great nation faced such grave challenges. millions of americans are without jobs and consequently also without health insurance. our troops are fighting two wars overseas. and as our economy spirals downward, americans from coast to coast are struggling to make ends meet. but there's reason to hope.

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: in fewer than 14 days, a new president will be sworn in. and president-elect barack obama, the house democrats, and many of my republican friends are committed to rolli up our sleeves and getting to work immediately to solve the critical challenges that face our nation. on this day, i am honored to address the house at the

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: beginning of the1th -- of the 111th congress to present the rules package that will govern this body as we work to meet the needs of american families over the next two years. s the responsibility of the majority to protect and enhance the integrity of the institution and that is what this rules package does. through building upon the important rules changes that

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: democrats implemented during the last congress, we are keeping our commitment to the american people to restore accountability and honesty to government. in the 110th congress, democratput forth critical measures to restore transparency to the house. we banned gifts from lobbyists. we prohibited the use of

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: corporate jets. we mandated ethics training for all house employees. we ensured transparency for earmarks by requiring the full disclosure of earmarks in all bills and conference reports. we established an independent office of congressional ethics and today we are building on our commitment to the american

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: people to further strengthen the integrity of this institution and the 111th congress. by closing the loophole that allows lame duck members to negotiate employment contracts in secret, we are opening the doors of congress and shedding light upon the process. by codifying the additional earmark reforms adopted mid

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: term in the 110th congress, coupled with the ongoing rules that require members' signatures and reasons for their requests are permanently strengthening earlier comprensive reforms, resulting in further transparency and accountability in the earmark process. by making common sense changes to the motion to recommit, we

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: are helping congress to function more effectively while preserving the minority's legitimate right to present their policy alternatives through offering a motion that amends the bill or a straight motion that sends the bill back to committee without amendment. by removing reference to term limits for committee chairs in this package we take away what

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: was from the first a political consideration to eliminate that from the official house rules where they don't belong. by maintaining strong pay-go rules, we are demonstrating our strong commitment to fiscal discipline. these important measures make good sense to protect the integrity of this institution

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: and to enable congress to help america get back on track. today, we are not only harnessing the belief that we can continue to restore integrity and accountability to congress, we are also laying down a strong foundation for house action on the challenges that face this great nation. mr. speaker and my friends on

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: both sides of the aisle, the american people know exactly what is at stake over the next few years which is why they have resoundingly raised their voices for change and democrats are listening. we are ready to help put americans back to work by investing in job creation initiatives, strerntening our economy.

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: we are ready to fix our broken health care system so every citizen can get quality affordable health care that th desperately need and are entitled to. we are ready to cultivate a clean energy economy by turning wind into energy, energy into innovation and innovation into good-paying american jobs. we are ready to begin

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: responsibly withdrawing troops from iraq, ready to ensure quality education for our young people, ready to continue making the tough choices that the american people elected us to make. yet in order for us to begin addressing these pressing challenges, we must ensure that congress continues to put integrity and accountability at

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: the heart of our daily actions. i can think of no better way to do that than by adopting these amendments to the house rules. mr. speaker, it will be a long and difficult journey to strengthen our economy and reform the health care system and create a clean energy future worthy of our future children and grandchildren.

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: but the rules package before us today is an important first integrity in congress as we move forward on this pivotal path. it is time to reinvigorate mesh. it is time to -- reinvigorate america. it is time to begin. i urge adoption of this common

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