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House Proceeding on Jan 9th, 2009 :: 1:34:40 to 1:38:10
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Tom Price

1:34:36 to 1:34:57( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: exceed ,000 per hour after reasonable attorneys fees and page 10, line 18, strike b and insert c. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the gentleman from georgia is recognized for five minutes in support of his motion. the gentleman from georgia. mr. price: i thank the speaker. mr. speaker, it's a new congress and, yes, it's a new day. but what we're debating isn't

Tom Price

1:34:40 to 1:38:10( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Tom Price

Tom Price

1:34:58 to 1:35:18( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: that new. it's in fact a recycled campaign promise to a favored special interest and a sad reminder of the path this majority continues to take this country. as most folks already know, equal pay for equal work is the law of the land. and it has been since the passage of the equal pay act of 1963. generally businesses do a

Tom Price

1:35:19 to 1:35:39( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: tremendous j paying employees irly, regardless of gender. but the bill before the house today treats wage discrimination as if it weristic and -- systemic and in the midst of -- were systemic and in the midst we're failing to address the real changes of the wages and the purchasing power of their paychecks.

Tom Price

1:35:40 to 1:36:00( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: if this measure becomes law, power will be turned over to bureaucrats and trial lawyers to oversee how wages are determined through lawsuits and through regulations. it means less incentive, mr. speaker, less incentive, for employers to offer a variety of working situations like flex time or more limited travel. because doing so may put an

Tom Price

1:36:01 to 1:36:21( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: employer at risk of being sued. hardly a wise action on their part. in turn, current and prospective workers will suffer through lower wages, slow job creation or simply fewer opportunities to meet individual worker needs. all of this leaded, mr. speaker, to this motion to -- leads, mr. speaker, to this motion to

Tom Price

1:36:22 to 1:36:42( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: recommit. one of the changes being made today to the equal pay act is the inclusion of unlimited compensatory and punitive damages. in a lawsuit. as members already know, compensatory damages redress wrongful conduct and punitive damages are to deter future wrongful conduct. but under the equal pay act, an employee does not need to show

Tom Price

1:36:43 to 1:37:03( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: discriminatory intent inrder to prevail. as some have correctly described this bill, it's a boondoggle for trial lawyers. they'll be able to collect unlimited damages even, mr. speaker, even when a disparity is not intended. this serves no legitimate purpose in terms of the quea -- and turns the equal pay act into a lottery. that's why this is a simple,

Tom Price

1:37:04 to 1:37:26( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: commonsense change that caps reasonable, reasonable attorneys fees at ,000 per hour. now surely we can agree on that. but limiting attorneys fees, it is the intent that lawyers would take cases based on actual discrimination and merit and prevent lawsuit abuse. today's litigation system, unfortunately, does littlto restrain the filing of lawsuits. it's why lawsuits can result in

Tom Price

1:37:27 to 1:37:47( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: millions of dollars in lawyers' fees yet plaintiffs get penny on the dollar. it's quy tort costs are 2% of our gross domestic product. billions of dollars. it's why 10% of every dollar spent on health care is attributed to the cost of liability and defensive medicine. hundreds of billions of dollars. this cap on attorneys fees will

Tom Price

1:37:48 to 1:38:08( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: ensure that victims of discrimination are protected with appropriate incentives. without a cap, this bill will have a detrimental effect on labor markets, increasing lawsuits will discourage hiring and may further segregate preferences for one gender in vor of another. on this side of the aisle, republicans understand that

Tom Price

1:38:09 to 1:38:13( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: fair-minded business folks want to make an honest living without

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