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House Proceeding on Jan 9th, 2009 :: 1:38:15 to 1:41:45
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George Miller

1:38:14 to 1:38:34( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: favoring political friends or bureaucrats, impeding job creation or dictating how a business should be run. let's adopt this motion to recommit. it's a new congress and a new day. but let's not make our first act an old recycled campaign promise to political trends. i urge adoption of the motion to recommit and yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the

George Miller

1:38:15 to 1:41:45( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: George Miller

George Miller

1:38:35 to 1:38:55( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: gentleman yields back the balance of his time. for what purpose does the gentleman from california rise? mr. miller: i rise in opposition to the motion. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. mr. miller: mr. speaker, members little bit unbelievable in the sense that it suggests that we should be setting the attorneys fees even though the amount that

George Miller

1:38:56 to 1:39:19( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: the gentleman is asking us to set for exceeds what would be ordinary hourly wages -- fees in these kind of cases across the nation. at the same time, it makes no difference between geography, complication of cases, the number of attorneys necessary in the case or the number of firms there may be. we don't know if this applies a to all of the attorneys in this case with multiple plaintiffs or

George Miller

1:39:20 to 1:39:40( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: across the firm, if mull president -- multiple attorneys are on the firm. in many cases these are complicated cases because they go into business practices that are disguised in terms of trying to justify unequal pay in the name of equal pay. i find it rather interesting that the supporters of this amendment across the aisle all stood up and talked about how

George Miller

1:39:41 to 1:40:01( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: they support the idea of equal pay, how they want their daughters and their granddaughters to be treated equally, how they want to make sure that they're treated fairly in the workplace and they support the concept, they just don't support this bill which would make that the law. but what do they decide to do? when those granddaughters and daughters aren't treated fairly, they'll discriminate them in an ability to have an attorney.

George Miller

1:40:02 to 1:40:23( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: they will discriminate against them becau they will say that their attorneys' fees are going to be capped as opposed to letting the judge and court work out what are reasonable fees in that court case. why did they discriminate against them? the gentleman is jumping to his feet. mr. price: will the gentleman yield? mr. miller: because there's no

George Miller

1:40:24 to 1:40:45( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: caps on the attorneys' fees and the people who discriminated against them. on the employer who made the conscious decision to pay them less, to treat them in a skimenttory fax, to -- fashion, to not -- discriminatory fashion, to not recognize their talent. i will not yield. i'm on my time. they decided that those employers could pay ,000 an hour, 5,000 an hour or 50,000 and they can hire as

George Miller

1:40:46 to 1:41:07( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: many firms as they want, new york firms, chicago firms, los angeles firms. they can do whatever they want. but your daughter or granddaughter, wife, they're limited. they're limited. in what kind of legal talent they can get. how about in a large days in this country today where regional vice presidents, there's 39 of them in the

George Miller

1:41:08 to 1:41:28( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: organization, 10% of them are women. the men were paid 1,900. the women were paid 7,900. the district managers,he men were paid 3,900. the women were paid, 7,000. you think you ought to have the good attorney?

George Miller

1:41:29 to 1:41:45( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: and have the court determine what a reasonable fee is? you ought to be able to prosecute your case in the of an employer that may have multiple law firms on permanent retainer to deal with this, as many of these defendants do?

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