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Tom Price

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Tom Price: madam speaker, let's not forget iraq. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from north carolina, mr. jones. wi mr. price: thank you, madam speaker. madam speaker, here we find ourselves on the end of the first week of this new session

Tom Price

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Speech By: Tom Price

Tom Price

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Tom Price: of the 111th congress. there's a lot of talk and has been a lot of talk since the election about bipartisanship. and there's been a lot of talk on both sides of the aisle about bipartisanship and that's important. i'm a strong supporter of bipartisanship and everybody talks about it. bipartisan discussions, however,

Tom Price

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Tom Price: require bipartisan action. if action in a bipartisan way doesn't follow those discussions , then credibility is denied. now i firmly understand and appreciate that elections have consequences and the election of this past november resulted in a house, the united states house of representatives, with a

Tom Price

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Tom Price: membership ratio of 59% on the democrat side and 41% on the republican side. so on the floor of this house, that's the ratio and it's reflected in votes even this week. and nobody would argue, i don't believe, madam speaker, that every single member, every single member of this house, is important. we all represent virtually the

Tom Price

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Tom Price: same number of people. and it's pivotal that each and every member be given the appropriate and equal opportunity to be involved in the process because that's what gives credibility to representative government. now as you and i both know, madam speaker, and as our colleagues know, the bulk of the congressional work is done i committees.

Tom Price

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Tom Price: that's where the critical issues are debated. that's where the hard work is do. th's where the issues are tossed back and forth anwhere solutions are hammered out. now when voices are sigh lentsed either -- silenced either by not being able to speak in committee for various problems with rules or when individuals are not even allowed to sit in committees,

Tom Price

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Tom Price: then it does a disservice to each and every american. we are better when we're tusling with those ideas, when we're working as hard as we can to come up with the appropriate solution for our nation. we're not better when we're just talking about politics. again, in reviewing the ratios on the house floor, 59%

Tom Price

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Tom Price: democrat, 41% republican. most americans, if you asked them, would say, well, that's what ought to be reflected in the committees. because that's where that hard work is done. that's where those issues are hammered out. i agree. those ratios should be reflected in committee. if they aren't, then america is cheateand democracy is

Tom Price

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Tom Price: cheapened. the committee ratios are credibly important because they determine the work product that occurs in this house. so again, madam speaker, house of representatives, 59% democrat, 41% republican. now, when we look at the committee ratios that have just come out this week, it appears

Tom Price

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Tom Price: that on some of the most pivotal committees where issues like taxes and financial services and health care are going to be decided, that ratio is not held. the ratio appears to be closer to 63% democrat, 37% republican. this is a significant decrease of a significant number of seats

Tom Price

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Tom Price: and it disenfranchises many americans across this nation. it's a matter of fairness, madam speaker. it's a matter of fairness. american people may not care about the specific processes here, but they do care about fairness. so i call on the speaker, i call on the majority leader, i call on the majority party to make certain that the committee

Tom Price

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Tom Price: numbers, the numbers, the ratios of democrats to republicans in our committees reflect the appropriate ratio that is reflected on the floor of the

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