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Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: except if that person happens to be a republican. i yield the remainder of my time. thank you very much. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes mr. connelly from virginia for five minutes. >> mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent except his time or use his time and revise and extend my remarks. the objection. mr. burton: you know, mr.

Dan Burton

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Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: speaker, i get a big kick out of my colleagues from the other side of the aisle who continue to beat on the bush administration. i mean, we're not in the bush administration. we are in the administration. and the obama administration

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: this year has outlined a $3.55 trillion - and you know, they always seem to come down when they talk about president bush and his administration and shortcomings and there's never been an administration that didn't have some shortcomings, but they don't talk much about what's happened since they took power. when the democrats took over

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: congress three years ago, less than three years ago, the national debt was under $9 it went from $9 trillion to $10 trillion to $11 trillion to over $12 trillion. that's just in the last three years. they're spending money like it's

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: going out of style. they've increased the debt limit five times, five times in just the last three years and the increase of $3.4 trillion is 38%-plus over what the national debt was when they took control of this

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: and the other chamber. it really bothers me when they talk about all this retrospect and they don't pay any attention to what's going on now and what should be going on in the future. they're talking about a national health care plan now that's know, $3 trillion over the next decade and they're behind closed doors trying to ram that

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: through without really having even a conference committee. they're doing it with just the leaders and they're doing it in a smoke-filled room with -- well, maybe they don't smoke, but they're doing it in a room where nobody can see, not even c-span, even though they promised that they would. let's just look at what since they took power with the

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: white house as well as the house and the senate, since january of 2009. they passed the state children's health insurance reorganization act which was $73.3 approximately -- billion. in february they passed the stimulus bill which has not worked, unemployment which was not supposed to go over 8% went over 10%, now it's at least 10%.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: and that bill was $1.16 trillion when you include interest. also in february they passed the consolidated appropriations act which was $410 billion. when you add interest to it, it's $625 billion. and then in june of 2009 they passed the defense supplemental which was not a bad deal because we had to do something about our

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: military personnel in combat around the wod, protecting our freedoms, but in addition to what we were doing for our military personnel and defense they had all kinds -- i think they had 3,000 or 4,000 pork barrel projects stuck in there. and then in december they passed a consolidated appropriations bill for fiscal year 2010 which

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: was $3.554 now, the president has said just the last couple of days, we have to do something about spending. man, that is really, really a great statement. i wish he'd thought about that about a year ago when he first took office. but nevertheless it's better to be aware of it now than to not do anything about it at all.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: but he's talking about cutting spending by between 3% and 5% on discretionary spending and that's going to amount to, oh, maybe but he's spending $3.55 trillion. and so you're still going to have about $3.4 trillion, even if we were to cut spending by 3% to 5%.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: the spend something completely out of control. the health care bill they're talking about is not going to start providing coverages, benefits, until 2013 and yet the taxes start right now, which means simply at the $1 trillion th being the cost of that health care plan is not going to be $1 trillion, it's going to be at

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: least $1.5 trillion and if it's anything like other government programs that they've rammed through in the past, it will double that and i really believe we're going to see a $3 trillion cost to the health care bill in this next decade if they pass it. and i'm very hopeful that the senate, some senator, at least one or two, will se the light and realize the american people simply don't want that.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: the overwhelming majority of americans don't want anything ming between them and their doctor, especially government. and they don't want socialized medicine and they don't want all this spend they want to do what ronald 1980's when he came in and the situation was even worse then. we had 12% unemployment, we had

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: 14% inflation, a misery index of 26%, that's what they and reagan came in and instead of raing taxes as manies his advisors s said, no, no, i'm going to cut taxes, i'm going to cut taxes across the board for individuals, for businesses, for corporations, for industry. because if we give them more of their tax money back, they'll be able to spend more on

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: investment, they'll be able to spend more to buy cars and refrigerators and everything else, and as a result the economy turned around and we had a 20-year expansion of the economy which was unparalleled in my lifetime. and yet we haven't learned from john f. kennedy and we haven't

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: learned from president reagan. we're doing exactly the opposite. 're spending money like it's going out of style and coming up with new government programs which is going to cost jobs and dig us into a debt that we're going to never get out of. it's going to cause inflation and higher taxes. well, we -- what we should be doing right now, as i've said on this floor many times, is we

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: should go back to the reagan and john f. kennedy formula and cut taxes, give this economy a real shot in the arm by letting people keep more of their money and you'll see us create jobs. we won't have 10% unemployment in a year or two or three. it will be down, it will be going down, it will be going down fairly rapidly once it starts to take hold.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: but as long as we just keep spending and spending and spending and digging ourselves into a with new programs like this crazy health care bill they're talking about, we're never going -- going to solve our problem and our kids and our grandkids and the posterity of this

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