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House Proceeding on Jan 13th, 2010 :: 0:50:05 to 0:54:30
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John S. Tanner

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John S. Tanner: today. for what purpose does the gentleman from tennessee rise? >> i move to suspend t and agree to h.res. 981. the speaker pro tpore: the clerk will report the title of the resolution. the clerk: house resolution 981, resolution supporting political and economic development in ukraine. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the

John S. Tanner

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Speech By: John S. Tanner

John S. Tanner

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John S. Tanner: gentleman from tennessee, mr. tanner, and the gent arkansas, mr. boozman, each will control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from tennessee. mr. tanner: thank you, madam speaker. i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks and clude extraneous material on the

John S. Tanner

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John S. Tanner: resolution under consideration. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. tanner: madam speaker, i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. tanner: this sunday ukrainians will go to polls to elect a new president. the successful conduct of these elections is important to our country, the united states.

John S. Tanner

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John S. Tanner: as vice president biden said to key eve last summer, we consider ukraine to be a vital european partner for advancing stability, prosperity, and democracy on the continent. six years ago the orange rev the ukranian people's desire for

John S. Tanner

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John S. Tanner: freedom, democracy, and prosperity. since that time ukraine has great strides, an open and free press, and a government accountable to its citizens. we welcome the government's registration of over 450 international observers for the elect

John S. Tanner

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John S. Tanner: including from osce and the international republican we would take this means and opportunity to urge all parties in the elections to cooperate fully with the observers and ensure the elections are conducted without manipulation. ukraine have a strong bond. not the least due to the fact

John S. Tanner

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John S. Tanner: that over one million americans trace their roots back to ukraine. these ties were solidified in the charter on strategic partnership which was signed in december of 2008 and which outlined numerous areas of engagement and cooperation. l partnership commission held its first meeting here in washington

John S. Tanner

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John S. Tanner: during the visit of ukranian foreign minister. madam speaker, ukraine has been a key partner in the efforts of the transatlantic alliance to ensure international security. missn in afghanistan and training mission in iraq. in addition, on december 16, ukraine formally agreed to allow the transit of cargo through its

John S. Tanner

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John S. Tanner: territory to support the nato isaf operations in afghanistan. access to the landlocked country of afghanistan is vital and we applaud ukraine in assisting to turn the tide against the taliban and prevent safe haven for al qaeda. nato has made clear that ukraine will become a member of the

John S. Tanner

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John S. Tanner: alliance at some point if it so desires. following the 60th anniversary of the nato summit, i visited kiev, ukraine, as chairman the u.s. delegation of nato and president of the nato parliamentary assembly to underline nato's ongoing commitment to ukraine's process of euro-atlantic integration.

John S. Tanner

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John S. Tanner: while many of the leaders of ukraine, i expressed the co shoun and encouraged the implementation of reforms necessary to bring this integration to fruition. in oer for ukraine to remain on this positive path of political development and it is critical that this upcoming

John S. Tanner

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John S. Tanner: election be free, fair, and untainted by the fraud and irregularities that beset the also we recognize that ukraine like much of the world has suffered greatly from the global financial crisis. unfortunately, political divisions have hampered ukraine's effort to overcome

John S. Tanner

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John S. Tanner: this cris and implement the reforms necessary to submit its progress on the road to prosperity. these elections are important particularly to ensure the ukranian government has a clear mandate from its people that would enable it to carry out the difficult decisions necessary to put the country on such a path. madam speaker, given the

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