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Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: the money wasn't there. it was too small but it did create a heck of a lot jobs and made need investments in t the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does -- i'm sorry, for what purpose does the gentleman from indiana rise? mr. burton: i ask unanimous consent to address the house for five minutes and revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: would the gentleman like to claim the time for mr. jones of north carolina?

Dan Burton

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Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: mr. burton: sure. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized without objection for five minutes. mr. burton: get a big kick out of listening to my democrat colleagues when they talk about spending all this money on infrastructure and how we're not spending enough and how we need to come up with another stimulus bill.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: the fact of the matter is, since they took control of congress, the national debt has gone up by almost $4 trillion. you can't spend your way out of you can't yrselves into a bigger and bigger hole. and that's exactly what they're

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: talking about doing. now they say they've created jobs. the would not go above 8%. and they say they've created or saved two million jobs or there abouts. the fact of the matter is, million jobs have beelost, lost. seven million

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: lost. now, eve if you said that -- and accepted their premise that that they saved or created two million jobs, you'd still be five million jobs in the hole and the unemployment rate isn't 8%, it's 10%, it was up above that. and i believe it probably will get there again.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: you know, i just can't understand why they don't get it. john f. kennedy, a democrat, he got it, and again when he was president, if yogive people more income, they will spend it to buy more products. and if you give more income back

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: to business and industry t tax cuts, as i was just talking about with individuals, that will give them more money for investment and to hire employees. and if people and industry go out and spend that tax cut, then they're going to have to were you more -- produce more produc more refrigerators, more cars,

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: more vacuum sweepers, whatever and if people buy more because they have more collectively across the country, 300 million people, then you're going to see employment rise. employment rise, not unemployment. and so john f. kennedy understood that. and that's why early in his administration he put through

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: tax cuts and then when r reagan came in after the debacle called the carter administration, where we had unemployment at 12% and inflation at 14%, worse than what we have today even, reagan came in and he said, we're going t cut taxes, and i think he even mentioned john. kennedy. so reagan, yeah, well, we're

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: going to cut taxes instead of raising taxesment and so they cut taxes -- taxes. and so they cut taxes. and we worked our way out ofa very severe recession. and we created millions of jobs that lasted 20 years because we cut taxes and gave people their

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: money back to them, some of it, and we gave business and industry some of their money back so they could make investment. that's the way you do it. and yet the democrats and the obama administration are talking about the tax cuts that were put into place early in the bush administration, they want to let them expire this year. which is going to be a drain on the economy, take more money out of people's pockets, more money

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: out of business and industry, and exacerbate the economy, the economicroblems we're facing. and so when i hear my colleagues come down, i love to listen to their rhetoric, their logic alludes me, though, because you're not going to solve the unemployment problems with economic problem -- or the economic problems in this country by loading more debt and

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: more taxes on the backs of the american people. you're going to cause the future generations to look back at us and say, why did you do that to us? because you're going to have inflation and you're going to have higher taxes and you're go economy and you're going to have the government taking over more and more responsibility which is what a lot of socialists in this administration would like to see. they believe government could do

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: the job better than the private sector. obviously most americans don't agree with that, if you look at the polls lely, just on the health care bill alone. so i would just like to say to my colleagues, mr. speaker, that if we're serious about solving the economic problems, let's take a look at history. let's look at what they did in

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: the kennedy administration. let's look at what they did in the reagan administration. and let's say we're going to extend the tax cuts, we're going to cut taxes further right now because it will give people more disposable income, give more money for business and industry to invest and people in industry

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: will buy more, therefore they'll produce more products and more people will go back to work and you lower the unemployment rate. the unemployment rate today is not 10%, there's a lot of people who have been getting unemployment checks that aren't included anymore.

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