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House Proceeding 01-13-10 on Jan 13th, 2010 :: 1:22:35 to 1:27:20
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Randy Neugebauer

1:22:35 to 1:22:55( Edit History Discussion )

Randy Neugebauer: transparency and openness, yet nobody knows who's actually in the room and actually what's happening. but we do know what happened when they went into the room, for example, in the senate and other places. the deals were cut. and i - i think one of the problems that this majority has and the white house has is they've got health care bill that's so unpopular that they

Randy Neugebauer

1:22:35 to 1:27:20( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Randy Neugebauer

Randy Neugebauer

1:22:56 to 1:23:17( Edit History Discussion )

Randy Neugebauer: have to meet in secreto talk about it and so they can cut deals so they can get enough votes to wouldn't it be nice if the american people could experience some of that transparency that the speaker and the president of american that they could be able to see the negotiations. i had the opportunity to

Randy Neugebauer

1:23:18 to 1:23:38( Edit History Discussion )

Randy Neugebauer: experience what is positive about having these negotiations in a public setting, when we did the farm bill a couple of years ago. we sat down at republicans and we had democrats, the cameras were on, the discussions were frank, they were honest, they were open, and in the end, you know, democracy took its place and a bill was crafted and it was passed by the

Randy Neugebauer

1:23:39 to 1:24:00( Edit History Discussion )

Randy Neugebauer: house and the senate. i don't understand why w can't have that same transparency and openness when we're talking about people's health care. probably one of the important things to many americans is the ability for them to have some control over their health care. we have now a bill that is talking about government and government takes

Randy Neugebauer

1:24:01 to 1:24:21( Edit History Discussion )

Randy Neugebauer: over the health care of our country and yet we're negotiating and debating this bill in the darkness of some room somewhere in the capitol and who knows where? let's turn the debate, let's turn the lights on in that room, let's turn the lights on so that the american

Randy Neugebauer

1:24:22 to 1:24:42( Edit History Discussion )

Randy Neugebauer: people can see what is going on as these new decisions are being made about their health care. it's too important. now, the democratic -- democrats are going to say, yeah, but when the republicans were in charge, that's the way they did things. well, that sounds like kind of a schoolyard taunting contest but

Randy Neugebauer

1:24:43 to 1:25:03( Edit History Discussion )

Randy Neugebauer: the fact is, that's not the truth. the truth is, and i want to -- you to rember these date, july 15, 2003, september 9, 2009, november 20, 2003. and you say, well, what happened then? about c-span is they have a great library

Randy Neugebauer

1:25:04 to 1:25:25( Edit History Discussion )

Randy Neugebauer: and democracy in action. in fact, this is probably one of the most extensive once in the world. and people can come and research and kind of see actually what did happen the floor of the house on a particular day. and what happened on that day was that members of congress met to resolve their differences

Randy Neugebauer

1:25:26 to 1:25:47( Edit History Discussion )

Randy Neugebauer: between the house and the senate version of the medicare reform legislation that provided prescription drug benefits for medicare recipients. a very important piece of legislation, one that was not without some controversy, the house passed a version, the senate passed a version, and then in the light of day these

Randy Neugebauer

1:25:48 to 1:26:08( Edit History Discussion )

Randy Neugebauer: two versions were negotiated on these days, the american people got to see the discussions that went on and got to see this bill being crafted that eventually became law. if the democrats weren't engaging in these backroom deal making deals, i don't think they'd mind the lights being turned o they're cutting deals and the reason they're having to cut

Randy Neugebauer

1:26:09 to 1:26:29( Edit History Discussion )

Randy Neugebauer: deals is because they're trying to pats a -- pass a piece of legislation that the american people don't embrace. many of us a care needs to be reformed. and my colleagues on my side of the aisle, republicans and conservatives, have been offering some commonsense ideas that could reform the current

Randy Neugebauer

1:26:30 to 1:26:52( Edit History Discussion )

Randy Neugebauer: system without health care to the government, without limiting patients' rights and bringing more transparency and making health care more affordable and available and accessible to american people. if the president and the speaker and the congressional leaders are serious about this new era of openness and transparency,

Randy Neugebauer

1:26:53 to 1:27:14( Edit History Discussion )

Randy Neugebauer: then why, mr. speaker, why, mr. president, why aren't the lights on and why aren't the cameras in the rooms so that the american people can see what's going on in their country? i believe they deserve to know, this is a very important issue to the american people, and i

Randy Neugebauer

1:27:15 to 1:27:20( Edit History Discussion )

Randy Neugebauer: hope that president of the united states will keep their word and allow the lights to be turned on in

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