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George Miller

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George Miller: cooper-language into law whereby we can get control of this r and with that, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. ms. woolsey from california. without objection. mr. miller: madam speaker, i

George Miller

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Speech By: George Miller

George Miller

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George Miller: rise today to express my deep concern over the increasingly grave situation in the gaza strip and to express my disappointmenthat congress has not spoken more clearly and more forcibly in favor of a ceasefire. the latest firing between isr and hamas and according to

George Miller

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George Miller: official sources, the impact on civilians in gaza is severe and growing worse. like every member of this house, i support the right of israel to defend itself and its people. and like my colleagues, i strongly denounce hamas' destablizing rocket attacks against cilian populations in southern israel and hamas' clear

George Miller

0:53:31 to 0:53:51( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: intent to terrorize the people of israel. i call on hamas to end its rocket aacks against israel immediately. but i also believe that in no uncertain terms, there must be a ceasefire between hamas and israel. the loss of life to children and their families and destruction of homes and enormous suffering in gaza that is bng caused by

George Miller

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George Miller: the escalation of this conflict must end. last week, the house spoke out on this latest conflict in the middle east bypassing h. res. 34 , that recognizes israel's right to defend itself from the attacks in gaza and reaffirm the strong support from united

George Miller

0:54:13 to 0:54:34( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: states and the israeli-palestinian peace process. the house voted only to reiterate its support for israel and right to defend itself rather than also have used our considerable influence to pressure both sides to agree to a ceasefire in order to protect civilians on both sides caught in this conflict and work toward

George Miller

0:54:35 to 0:54:55( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: a lasting resolution of this conflict that will end and lead to the protection and security of israel. i support mu of the language in the resolution. but i regret that h.r. 34 and in its entirety was not a correct statement for the house to make at the time. the question for the house and the international community is

George Miller

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George Miller: how the israeli people will be able to live in peace and security without the constant threat of attack from hamas and others and how the united states and all other nations can assist in achievinthat outcome in a lasting manner. the house has not weighed in on is question. the house of representatives should throw considerable

George Miller

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George Miller: whaggete behind the call for a ceasefire. it is in the best interest of israel and the united states. the fact is that there has been a failure of political leadership that has led to this renewed and devastating fighting in gaza. the bush administration failed adequately and successfully address the middle east conflict during his time in office and during the time in which we knew

George Miller

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George Miller: the ceasefire was coming to an end and conditions might have been changed so it could have been extended. the international community has failed to adequately address the conflict between israel and hamas. experts in the middle east have warned that a conflict of this nature would eventually come and will continue to come in the

George Miller

0:55:59 to 0:56:19( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: future if conditions on the ground do not change. their waing went unheeded and now a new and costly war has broken out. attacks against israel are indefensible and neither can a military response by israel be defended. the latest fighting was followed by a lengthy blockade that

George Miller

0:56:20 to 0:56:41( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: caused a humanitarian crisis. hamas chose to break the ceasefire and continue shelling of israel and isra chose the breaking of the ceasefire to launch a defense of israel, but unfortunately with an attack on gaza. lost in all of this is the answerhow the israeli people can be assured the protection they deserve.

George Miller

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George Miller: the rocket attacks against israel continue albeit less. there's no clear answer as to how israel will bring this conflict to an end in gaza or what israel's ultimate goals are in this conflict. only a ceasefire and commitment to negotiate the cessation of

George Miller

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George Miller: hostilities between israel and hamas can protect the people of israel. and i yield back the balan of my time. . the speaker pro tempore: mr. franks of arizona. mr. campbell of california. mr. sherman of california. mr. schiff, california.

George Miller

0:57:26 to 0:57:30( Edit History Discussion )

George Miller: mr for what purpose does the gentleman from florida rise?

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