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Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: of what we are doing today. the taos pueblo has had to fight for its water rights against spanish settlers with mexico and then as part of the united states. let us today end this long fight and provide certainty to all the water users in the taos valley. time. the speaker pro tempore: gentleman reserves the balance of his time.

Doc Hastings

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Speech By: Doc Hastings

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: the gentleman from west virginia -- the gentleman from washington is recognized. mr. hastings: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i yield myself such time as i may the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. hastings: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i rise today to reluctantly oppose this and two other claim settlement bills that are being considered on the house floor today. as a member from the western

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: part of the united states, i am well aware of how important these settlements can be to tribal and nontribal communities. in general, indian water right settlements are reduce litigation in bringing water supply certainty to communities in the western part of the united states. when done right they provide

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: not only certainty to all parties but they also benefit the american taxpayer who could end up paying much more if the litigation went forward. it is indeed congress' st approve these settlements when these settlements are complete, but congress should have all the information it needs to conduct a proper review and

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: pass judgment on the merits of approving these settlements. yet, we do not have all such information on these three bills today. the most critical missing element is a clear direct answer from the department of justice through the attorney general of whether these settlements represent a fair resolution to the taxpayers.

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: as i mentioned during committee consideration of these bills, it's appropriate that these agreements are largely worked out by the peoplef the local level, the taxpayers from the -- from across the country have to pay for such agreements. so, mr. speaker, in that context, while i applaud the idea that local groups are

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: working it out in their best interests, which i think is a positive state, these do have to be paid for by the american taxpayer. so we must be able to answer this question, is this the best deal that can be reached and is it in the interest to the parties of the settlement as well as to the taxpayers of this country? the three bills the house will

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: consider today total over $500 million in potential federal expenditure. before congress spends over a half a billion dollars, we certainly should know whether taxpayers are getting fair treatment. the american people are highly concerned about the spending that's gone on in this congress. whether it's the stimulus spending that has failed to create the promised jobs or the

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: government takeover of health care with a price tag of well over $1 trillion, the spending in this congress is out of control. about the record debt being run up during president obama's first year in office. this means not only stopping the megaspending bill, but also taking a hard look at the

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: such as the $500 million bills that are represented under these three bil we need the attorney general to provide us with a clear, direct answer. the ranking reason of the water and power subcommittee, mr. mcclintock of california, has been working to get such answers. in september and october of

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: last year he wrote to the attorney general asking direct questions. no response was received until two days ago. just as these bills were headed to the floor of this house for a vote. regrettably, this bill does not provide the direct answer to the questions asked. we finally -- we finally

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: replied -- they finally replied at the 11th hour with ambiguity and generalities but not with the clear answer that this congress and the american taxpayers so, mr. speaker, let me repeat again, while i support the concept of the settlement bills, because by definition these are people, local people on the ground making the

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: decisions in their best interest and the possibility that these three bills merit passage by the house, without a clear answer, as i talked about earlier, from the department of justice, on whether taxpayers are getting a fair deal, i cannot support this legislation. so, therefore, i urge my colleagues to oppose all three of these bills.

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: and with that, mr. speaker, i reserve the balance of my time.

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