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House Proceeding on Jan 22nd, 2009 :: 0:53:25 to 0:56:15
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Mike Pence

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Mike Pence: not rockefeller, excuse me, roosevelt people did was a complete failure. i think this is the direction we are going. i now yield four minutes to my colleague, mr. pen indiana. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from indiana is recognized for four minutes. mr. pence: i rise in support of the resolution, disapproval. i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, mr. pence.

Mike Pence

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Speech By: Mike Pence

Mike Pence

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Mike Pence: mr. pence: our nation is confronted by a serious financial crisis. it's a crisis of confidence in our financial markets. let's be honest, it's a crisis of confidence in our government. . many more fa this moment with faith, not fear. we'll get through this.

Mike Pence

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Mike Pence: we've confronted greater challenges than this. i'm confident we will restore our markets d renew our government. but as i said last fall in the original debate, we must do so in a manner that is consistent with the principles that make america great. as the distinguished chairman of t following last week's action in the senate, no matter what happens here today the second

Mike Pence

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Mike Pence: half of the bailout funding ll go forward, adding 50 billion to the national debt and burdening future generations of americans with the mistakes of wall street and catol hill during the present day. despite sincere efforts at reform. this legislation remains the largest corporate bailout in american history. forever changes the

Mike Pence

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Mike Pence: relationship between government and the financial sector and passes the cost along to the american people. i did not come to washington to expand the size and scope of government. i did not come to washington to ask working americans to subsidize the bad decisions of corporate america. therefore, i did not support the emergency economic stabilization act last fall and i cannot support the

Mike Pence

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Mike Pence: legislation before the congress that would send good money after bad. as i said then, while this bill promises to bring near term stability to our -- near-term stability to our financial markets, i ask my congressmen, at what price? this interrupted a basic truth of our free market economy. government can't control

Mike Pence

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Mike Pence: outcomes in an economy without eroding the independence and the integrity of our free market system. when the government chooses winners and losers in the marketplace, every american loses. now, some say this crisis was too acute to rely on what they call antiquated notions about the role of government in the private sector but i disagree.

Mike Pence

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Mike Pence: i believe the principles of government, free enterprise and representative democracy and personal responsibility are as relevant today as they were in 1776. now, there's no easy answers to these times, but the american people deserve to know that there were and are alternatives. last fall house republicans offered an alternative that would have required wall street, not main street, to pay

Mike Pence

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Mike Pence: the cost of this recovery. and today, house republicans

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