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House Proceeding on Jan 22nd, 2009 :: 2:28:20 to 2:32:45
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John A. Boehner

2:28:18 to 2:28:38( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: not entirely but enough that they can get enough credit to sell their automobiles. i appreciate the gentleman for yielding. mr. gentleman as well. and i reserve the balance of my time . the speaker pro tempore: members are reminded to address their remarks to the chair. the gentlewoman from north carolina. ms. foxx: thank you, mr. speaker. i yield one minute to the

John A. Boehner

2:28:39 to 2:28:59( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: distinguished and capable republican leader, mr. boehner of ohio. the speaker pro tempore: mr. boehner, the minority leader, is recognized. mr. boehner: let me thank my colleague from north carolina for yielding. and say to my colleagues that we all understand the severe economic consequences that we're dealing with. the american families are short of cash. some are losing their homes.

John A. Boehner

2:29:00 to 2:29:22( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: others losing their jobs. others fighting to keep their jobs. and this became very apparent last september when the treasury secretary and the chairman of the federal reserve came to the capitol to outline how serious the consequences were of the tightening of the credit consequences from that for our

John A. Boehner

2:29:23 to 2:29:45( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: nation's financial institutions. i worked with the gentleman from massachusetts and the other leaders to craft a bill to help provide that money so that our economy could be saved. and i got to tell you, i've been disappointed ever since.

John A. Boehner

2:29:46 to 2:30:07( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: i've raised questions in october, november and december about how this money was being spent. who was getting the money, under what conditions? and the kind of transparency and accountability we thought we were going to have we didn't have. and so now here we are and we're looking for the second

John A. Boehner

2:30:08 to 2:30:28( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: half of the 00 billion of the financial rescue and i as a member who supported that decision because i thought we had to do it for our economy and i would do it again. but my goodness, i can't stand here as a member of congress to vote to release the second half of this money without knowing what happened to the first half of it.

John A. Boehner

2:30:29 to 2:30:50( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: and what's the need for the second half? what are the dire consequences if we don't do the second half of this money? and if there are dire consequences, what are the administration's plan to actually spend this next 50 billion? i as a member don't know any of that. and so how can i be responsible

John A. Boehner

2:30:51 to 2:31:13( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: to american taxpayers in approving the second half of this money without answers? now the gentleman from massachusetts yesterday, the chairman of the financial services committee passed a bill that does bring more transparency and accountability to the process. also in the same bill, it should be noted, expanded the ability for the treasury

John A. Boehner

2:31:14 to 2:31:34( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: secretary to spend this money on foreclosures, on autos and almost anything they want to do with if which causes me great concern. but there will be some more transparency but i don't have it today. nobody can tell me where the first 50 billion went. nobody can tell me what the

John A. Boehner

2:31:35 to 2:31:55( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: conditions were. nobody's outlined why we need the second half nor what their plan is to spend it. and i think at the end of the day we have a responsibility, responsibility to the american people who pay the bills, who pay the taxes. at some point somebody's got to pony up the money for the

John A. Boehner

2:31:56 to 2:32:16( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: financial rescue. somebody's got to pony up the machine for the trillion dollar economic rescue plan that's moving through this body. it won't be us. it will be our kids, their kids and their kids who pay for this. and so at some point in this process while we're trying to help american families, small

John A. Boehner

2:32:17 to 2:32:37( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: businesses, entrepreneurs and the self-employed get the economy going again, somebody has to pay the bill. and i have great concerns that we're stacking debt on top of debt on the backs of our kids and it's not fair. it's not fair to burden them. and frankly i don't think that

John A. Boehner

2:32:38 to 2:32:45( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: we can borrow and spend our way back to prosperity. and so for me the answer is simple.

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