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Joseph Crowley

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Joseph Crowley: in february, i think february 24, for us to meet some of the heroes of that day and to learn from their testimony. i yield back the balance of my time -- i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: jask wisconsin reserves his time. the gentleman from illinois. mr. co minutes to the the gentleman from new york, the sponsor of

Joseph Crowley

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Speech By: Joseph Crowley

Joseph Crowley

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Joseph Crowley: the resolution, congressman crowley. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york is recognized for mr. crowley: i thank my friend from illinois for yielding me this time. madam speaker, the successful landing of us air flight 1549 on thursday january 15, 2009 was nothing short of a miracle.

Joseph Crowley

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Joseph Crowley: and i rise to honor and thank all those who were involved in this rescue and recovery effort. shortly after takeoff on thursday, january 15, us airways flight 1549 departed la guardia airport in my district in queens, was struck by a flock of birds and lost power in both engines. after the collision, the pilot

Joseph Crowley

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Joseph Crowley: and co-pilot had seconds to determine how to get that plane back to the ground. captain chelsie sullenberger the third and third officer were trying to land back at la guardia.

Joseph Crowley

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Joseph Crowley: but realized there was not enough power to get that far. instead, they decided to empty -- they decided to attempt an emergency landing in the least populated area of new york city, the hudson river. but what a landing also referred

Joseph Crowley

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Joseph Crowley: to as ditching, are incredibly difficult and any error to cause the landing to end in tragedy. but the tremendous skills of the captain and first officer were on display that day and successfully glided the plane down and safely landed it on the river. in the meantime, the flight attendants prepared passengers

Joseph Crowley

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Joseph Crowley: for impact. when the plane came to a complete stop, the three flight attendants quickly opened the doors of the plane and started to evacuate passengers safely and efficiently. within minutes, the passengers were evacuated on the wings of the plane where boats and others on the scene approached the sinking jet and began helping

Joseph Crowley

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Joseph Crowley: the passengers and crews off the wings and safely away from a near freezing hudson river waters. and i may add, they were not just new yorkers, but folks from new jersey as well helping this rescue effort. still as the plane continued to sink into the freezing waters, captain sullenberger walked the cabin ties to make sure that

Joseph Crowley

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Joseph Crowley: everyone was safely off the plane before deplaning himself. due to the skill and coordinated efforts by the pilots, crew and first responders on the scene, everyone on the plane is alive and well today. madam speaker, we owe a debt of gratitude to the crew of flight 1549 and first responders who

Joseph Crowley

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Joseph Crowley: helped evacuate passengers. madam speaker, some people call this event the miracle on the hudson. i say this was no miracle, but the skillful flying of two veteran pilots. the quick reaction of flight attendants and responsiveness of coast guard ships, ferries and private citizens. these people showed to the world the best of our aviation and

Joseph Crowley

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Joseph Crowley: first responder system. i'm proud of the heroic actions of everyone involved. i hope you will join me in honoring captain sullenberger, the first information and the three flight attendants and all the men and women who came to the aid of the passengers and the passengers themselves, the cooperation they demonstrated that day.

Joseph Crowley

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Joseph Crowley: those passengers stuck on the wing of a sinking plane in the middle of a freezing hudson river. i urge my colleagues to vote yes on this resolution. madam speaker, i would add that the representatives of la guardia airport, i sometimes have -- i often have to answer complaints, particularly from my

Joseph Crowley

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Joseph Crowley: constituents about the airport. and those who fly to or live by the airport. it's not often we get to say good things about la guardia airport. la guardia airport experiences delays and produces noise. but on january 15, the crew of flight 1549 made all of us and la guardia airport proud.

Joseph Crowley

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Joseph Crowley: and congressman nadler and congressman mcnerney introduced this resolution -- one additional minute? mr. costello: i yield an additional minute. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for a minute. mr. crowley: we wanted to recognize the heroic efforts of

Joseph Crowley

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Joseph Crowley: the first officer, the captain, as well as the flight attendants and the first responders. they deserve our thanks and applause. we have heard it past, boy, that was a close call. in the future, you will hear, boy, that was a 1549. i would like to think that. that will be catchy.

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