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Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: and that begins with work for every single american who need as job. mr. speaker, i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from indiana? mr. burton: mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent to address the house for five minutes, revise and extend my remarks.

Dan Burton

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Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. burton: mr. speaker, i listen to my colleagues and i think, we're all of one accord when we say we want to see jobs created in ts country. we want to see the unemployment rate to go down. but the way you do that is the way ronald reagan did it when he was president, when he came in, when we had 12% unemployment and 14% inflation.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: he came in and he cut taxes across the board. what are we doing instead? well, since january when the president took office we have spent $73.3 billion that we didn't have on one program, we spent $1.16 trillion including

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: interest on the stimulus bill, the omnibus spending bill,410 billion, if you add interest that's $625 billion, in june we spent $106 billion with a lot of pork in it on the defense supplemental. and then on the consolidated appropriation bill, the many omnibus bill -- mini omnibus bill we passed in december, it was $3.5 trillion. then you include the things we

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: passed in this house which have not been enacted into law, like cap and trade, tt's $846 billion in new taxes, and the proposed government-run health care program, if it were to pass, would cost between $1 trillion and $3 trillion. now, since the opposition party

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: under speaker pelosi took control of this body, the federal deficit has increased from $162 billion the first year she was speaker in 2007 to $459 billion in 2008 and then it went up by a huge amount, $1.42 trillion in 2009.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: this is just an unsustainable growth rate. and over the last three years we've increased the debt ceiling five times since she took office as speaker. this is something that's unbelievable. it went from $8.97 trillion in january of 2007 to $12.39 trillion today, which is an

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: increase of $3.4 trillion or 38% in just three years. now you're talking about spending $3 trillion a year more than half of that borrowed money and we're talking about how we're going to get control of it. tomorrow night the president is going to be speaking from right there just below the speaker's lectern.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: and the president's going to try to address our economic problems and as i understand it, from some of the reports that have come out, he's going to talk about freezing spending or a partial freeze over the next three years that would reduce the budget by less than 1% or $15 billion in the first year. now don't get me wrong, i'm for freezing spending. but when you look at what's

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: happened in the last year or two, especially during the last year, it's unbelievable. we had an 8% boost in spending in the omnibus bill the president signed into law in march and a 12% boost that he signed in right at the end of last year, in december. we're spending money like it's going out of style. now what's the answer?

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: the answer is that we get together and realize the way to create jobs is to stimulate the private sector and that is by cutting taxes, cutting personal incometaxes, cutting corporate taxes, cutting capital gains taxes, that will give business, industry and individuals more disposable income for investment and to buy

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: if the government just continues to spend like we're doing right now we're digging ourselves into a deeper and deeper hole and it's not going to solve the unemployment problem. i heard some of my colleagues down there talking about how things are getting better. we just had 10.5% unemployment. now it's at least 10% unemployment and whenou add in

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: those who are working part time who want a full time job it's probably more like 17% of the people, 18% of the people, that are either out of work or have given up. i mean, it's just terrible. so what do we do? we ought to do what's been done by john f. kennedy in the past, what ronald reagan did when he was president and that is say, let's cut taxes.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: let's give a shot in the arm to the private sector. they create jobs. government cannot and will not create jobs by spending, spending, spending. and tomorrow night when the president speaks, he'll get a lot of applause from probably both sides of the aisle when he says some of the things he's going to say, but the thing that concerns me the most is the

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: spending freeze he's talking about is not really anything but a drop in the bucket. it's not even a drop in the bucket. when you talk about a 1% spending freeze over the next three years. when you're talking about a multitrillion-dollar deficit that gs on and on and on and you're talking about a spending freeze that's going to save

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: maybe, you know, $4 billion or $5 billion, it's just nothing. so i would admonish the president or suggest to the president that he start moving

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