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George Miller

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George Miller: practice unlawful under such acts is committed every the person is paid according to the discriminatory decision or the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california, mr. george politicaler, and the

George Miller

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Speech By: George Miller

George Miller

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George Miller: gentleman, mr. mccune, each control 30 minutes. mr. miller: i ask unanimous consent that all members have five legislative days in which to revise and extend their remarks and material on s. 181. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. ller: and i yield myself five minutes. the speaker pro tempore: t gentleman will suspend. members please take their

George Miller

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George Miller: conversations off the floor. mr. miller: today we need to send the lilly ledbetter pay act to president obama for his signature. nondiscrimination in the workplace must be a sacred american priiple. workers should be paid based upon their merit, not on an employer's prejudice diss, yet more than 40 years after the

George Miller

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George Miller: passage of the civil rights act of 1964, the supreme court dramatically turned back the clock on this bedrock principle. instead of abiding by decades of long-standing law, a narrow majority of the supreme court decided to commit legal jujitsu to satisfy a narrow ideological agenda. the supreme court simply told

George Miller

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George Miller: bad employers to eape responsibility for pay discrimination, all they needed to do was keep it hidden for the first 180 days. the ledbetter ruling has already dramatically impacted how americans can remedy discrimination. it has been cited in hundreds of cases over the past 19 months since the ruling. not only have pay discrimination

George Miller

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George Miller: cases been adversely impacted, protections and title 9 complaints. the supreme court sent these lower courts backwards down the wrong path and today the congress will correct the course, that course -- >> mr. speaker, the house is not in order. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is correct. mr. miller the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order.

George Miller

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George Miller: the gentleman from california. mr. miller: the lilly ledbetter fair pay act would simply reset the law as businesses, most courts, employers and employees and the e.o.c. had understood it before the court's 2007 ruling. under s. 181, every paycheck or other compensation resulting in whole or part from an early discriminatory pay decision or

George Miller

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George Miller: other practice would constitute a violation of title 7. in other words, if an employer keeps issuing discriminatory paychecks, that employer would will keep restarting the clock for filing charges. that's only fair. as long as workers file their charges as lilly ledbetter herself did within 180 days of a discriminatory paycheck, the

George Miller

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George Miller: charges will be considered timely. the legislation also clarifies that an employee is entitled up to two years back pay. finally, it ensures that these simple reforms extend to the age discrimination and employment act. the americans with disability

George Miller

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George Miller: act and the rehabilitation act to provide these same protections for victims of age and disability discrimination. correcting pay discrimination poses significant challenges to workers made all the harder by the supreme court's ledbetter decision. this is the best illustrated by lilly ledbetter's own wos from the education and labor committee hear ngs 2007.

George Miller

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George Miller: what happened to me is not only an insult to my dignity, but it had real consequences for my ability to care for my family. every paycheck i received got less than what i was entitled to under the law. the supreme court said tt this didn't count as ilgal discrimination but it sure feels like discrimination when you're on the receiving end of a smaller paycheck and trying to support your family with less money the men are getting for

George Miller

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George Miller: doing the same job. and according to the court, if you don't figure things out right away, the company can treat you li a second-class citizen for the re of your career. this isn't right. i agree with lilly ledbetter. what happened to her wasn't right.

George Miller

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George Miller: unfortunately, it's too late for lily led better to receive justice. but today thanks to her incredible courage and perseverance and thanks millions of americans for making their voices heard, congress will reject this ruling and for millions of americans suddenly now subject to legal discrimination. the ledbetter and goodyear supreme court decision ruling was a painful step backward for civil rights in this country. today the house will correct this injustice and send

George Miller

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George Miller: president obama his first bill

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