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House Proceeding on Jan 27th, 2010 :: 2:35:25 to 2:40:30
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Doc Hastings

2:35:21 to 2:35:41( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: working cooperatively and in a bipartisan fashion to craft this legislation. i reserve the balae of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from washington is recognized. mr. hastings: madam speaker, i yield myself such time as i may consume. i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the gentleman from washington. mr. hastings: thank you, madam speaker. madam speaker, i will first speak to the merits of this legislation before focusing on

Doc Hastings

2:35:25 to 2:40:30( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Doc Hastings

Doc Hastings

2:35:42 to 2:36:02( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: the partisan reasons why the house is having to debate this bi and this legislation for a second week in a row. this bill was originally introduced by mr. simpson of idaho to require the forest service to issue special use maintenance programs towners of a small number of water systems in two idaho wilderness

Doc Hastings

2:36:03 to 2:36:26( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: areas. although these water diversions continue to operate, their owners currently lack the authority to maintain and repair these facilities. failure to maintain these facilities can harm not only to those that depend on access to the war that these structures provide but also damage the environment and watershed of the forest service land.

Doc Hastings

2:36:27 to 2:36:48( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: h.r. 4474 will allow the owners of the existing water systems to do the necessary maintenance. the legislation is narrowly tailored to apply to a small number of sites that meet specific criteria. qualify, the water diversion facility must have been in existence on the date that the area was designated as part of

Doc Hastings

2:36:49 to 2:37:09( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: the national wilderness preservation system. it must have been in substantial continuous use since the date of that designation and the order of the facilities must hold a valid water right. additionally, sites can only be covered by the bill if it

Doc Hastings

2:37:10 to 2:37:30( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: cannot be practical or feasible to put it to anoer area and continue the beneficial use of water recognized under state law. this is the bill and policy that i believe merits strong support in this house. congress needs to have a reasonable and commonsense approach to managing our federal lands.

Doc Hastings

2:37:31 to 2:37:53( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: wilderness designations preclude such commonsense management. the restrictions on activity are so severe and inflexible the designation is often applied to unsuitable lands, the problems and the conflicts that arise out of that designation. and so here we are today, congress must go back once

Doc Hastings

2:37:54 to 2:38:14( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: again and fix the problem created by previous wilderness designation law. congress needs to execute far more caution and care and forethought before designating wilderness areas before you lock up these areas for human activity. we ought to be wise enough to devise sound conservation

Doc Hastings

2:38:15 to 2:38:35( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: practices on our land without creating the threat to neighboring families at poorly thought out wilderness designation can bring. there's no reason why we cannot both be good stewards and good neighbors. so, madam speaker, as i said that this is a matter of good public policy and i support the

Doc Hastings

2:38:36 to 2:38:56( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: changes that this legislation will make in the law. however, as a matter of how the democrat loords leaders who control this house are choosing to operate this house, i object to the extreme partisan maneuvering surrounding this bill. last week the house voted on

Doc Hastings

2:38:57 to 2:39:17( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: this exact same bill, but there are only two differences between that bill and this bill. first, this is a new bill with a new number. and second, the lead sponsor is now a democrat instead of a republican. last week this bill was h.r. 3538 sponsored by republican

Doc Hastings

2:39:18 to 2:39:39( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: mike simpson of idaho. today, the bill is numbered h.r. 4474 and the lead sponsor is democrat walt minnick of idaho. so let me repeat, the bill is word for word the same that the house voted on last week except the sponsorship has been switched so that a democrat is

Doc Hastings

2:39:40 to 2:40:00( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: now the prime sponsor. now, i have to say, madam speaker, this is truly a remarkable display of partisanship. first, democrat leaders directed their members to vote against this legislation last week because a totally separate piece of legislation failed to pass on the suspension calendar.

Doc Hastings

2:40:01 to 2:40:22( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: and now these democrat leaders are playing a partisan switch-a-roo in sponsorship of this bill so that a democrat will get credit for this bill's passing. i assume this bill will pass. i might add, by the way, that the area that we're talking about is in mr. simpson's district.

Doc Hastings

2:40:23 to 2:40:30( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: so, madam speaker, with unemployment in double digits, millions of americans without jobs and with record deficits

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