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Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: christina. so if congressman tiberi looks a little tired and more worn out than he has in the past, that's the reason and i know the house will want o congratulate he and denise and their three daughters. and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back his time.

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Speech By: Louise McIntosh Slaughter
Bill: H.R. 1: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

Rep. Slaughter introduces HR 1 (she refers to it asHR 92? I'm confused...)

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: the house will come to order. the geleman from new york for one hour -- the gentlewoman from new york is recognized for one hour. ms. slaughter: thank you, madam speaker. by the direction of the committee on rules -- we've called up house resolution 92

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: for its consideration and for the purpose of debate only i will yield the customary 30 minutes to the gentleman from california, mr. dreier. all time yielded during for debate only. i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks and to insert extraneous terials

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: into the record. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. ms. slaughter: madam speaker, nothing is on the minds of americans more than the sat state of our economy. at dinner tables and water coolers across this great nation americans are concerned not only about our economy but

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: their own well-being. will they have a job next week, will they be able to retire when they plan to, will th be able to afford the mortgage, the rent, their child's education? madam spear, the bush administration left us with the worst economy we have faced since world war ii. the economic downturn is no longer subject to debate. in the last four months this country has lost two million jobs, and unfortunately is

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: expected to lose another three million to five million in the next year alone. in fact, 2008 was the worst year for job loss since 1945. while unemployment has skyrocketed to the highest level in 15 years. this week major corporations from caterpillar to sprint-nextel and home depot

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: announced they will cut 62,000 jobs. fortunately it's not too late to turn things around but the time has almost gone. we must act now. if we don't act now this economy will continue a downward spiral and we must start putting america back to work. the american recovery and reinvestment act is a critical

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: and necessary investment that will create and save three million four million jobs, will jump-start our economy and begin the process of transforming it for the 21st century with 50 billion in carefully targeted priority investments. madam speaker, the plan helps to strengthen main street and

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: the middle class, not wall street. in order to improve the plight of the hardworking americans, we will provide immediate direct tax relief to over of americans. not only will the american recovery and reinvestment plan create jobs and grow the

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: economy, it makes a significant investment in our future. by doubling clean renewable energy production we will put people to work in the short term while freeing us from our dependence on foign oil in the long run. by renovating public buildings and homes to make them more energy efficient, we will create jobs that can't be

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: exported while curbing global warming at the same time. by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure and improving our roads, bridges and schools, we will strengthen our path forward. and by investing in our health care system we will cut red tape, prevent mistakes and save countless dollars and lives. i'm particularly proud that

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: this bill contains funding for americorps, which will provide recent college graduates with jobs send them into struggling communities to help turn them around much like the civilian conservation corps did after the great depression. and finally we will assist those who have been impacted most by the cris by increasing food stamp and

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: unemployment benefits and making easier for those who have lost their jobs to keep their health insurance. and these are just a few highlights of this comprehensive bill. madam speaker, the american people are hurting. they are also jfblely concern whether government spending in such difficult tim correct.

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: i want tm to know that this bill contains strict accountability measures to ensure the maximum return for every tax dollar invested. americans will be able to go on the web to see how the tax dollars are being spent and to provide public comment. the bill contains no earmarks and ensures that funds to help

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: small businesses will not go to enties that already received money from the financial rescue package. furthermore, the legislation does it will immediately help to put people to work and begin to stabilize our economy. according to the office of management and budget, 3/4 of the overall package will be

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: spent in the first 18 months. and in an independent analysis, economists and former mccain advisor, mark zandy, found that 41% of the funding in this bill will be spent this yeaalone to jump-start our economy and result in four million new jobs by 2010. madam speaker, our economic

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: woes will not be solved overnight, but we did not get into this mess overnight. this bill alone will not solve all of our economic challenges. we know that the road back to economic stability and prosperity will require hard work over time to truly turn things around. but america has faced great

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: challenges before and turned crisis into opportunity. and this legislation is critical to bud the foundati for long-term prosperity. i urge my colleagues on both

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