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House Proceeding 01-28-09 on Jan 28th, 2009 :: 2:44:45 to 2:49:50
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Charles B. Rangel

2:44:32 to 2:44:52( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: time. for what purpose does the gentleman from new york rise? mr. rangel: mr. chairman, i yield myself five minutes. and ask unanimous consent that the remainder of the timing a-- be allowed to be controlled by richard neal, a distinguished member of the ways and means committee. the chair: is the gentleman rising in opposition to the amendment?

Charles B. Rangel

2:44:45 to 2:49:50( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Charles B. Rangel

Charles B. Rangel

2:44:53 to 2:45:13( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: mr. rangel: thank you. the chair: is the gentleman rising in opposition to the amendm mr. rangel: yes. the chair: the gentleman is recognized for five minutes and the unanimous consent request is granted. mr. rangel: thank you, mr. chairman. mr. chairman, not only does the other side reject this plea of our newly elected president, but for whatever political

Charles B. Rangel

2:45:14 to 2:45:35( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: reasons insist on sticking their thumb in the eyes of millions of americans, 11 million of them unemployed. 95% of all of our taxpayers are being asked to have this tax cut be rejected. people who work every day,

Charles B. Rangel

2:45:36 to 2:45:57( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: people who dream, people who aspire are now going to be told that there are some people in the house of representatives voted against the president's bill and built that's before us on thistoric day. i don't know what o was, but the late jack kennedy once made a remark that

Charles B. Rangel

2:45:58 to 2:46:19( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: sometimes, just sometimes, you party -- your party asks too much of you and for members of the oth in this substitute to vote against exciting infrastructures that would take us into technology to be

Charles B. Rangel

2:46:20 to 2:46:40( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: competitive, to deny poor folks monies for energy, for air conditioning a heat, food stamps, health inormation technology, why they would ask you to vote against this, i will never, but never know. and then there's the substitute

Charles B. Rangel

2:46:41 to 2:47:01( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: for this, not only to remove the tax benefits from the low and middle class, but to find some category of doctors, lawyers, consultants and lobbyists and just say acrss the board they have decided not to give you the 20% tax cut, because you know it's not going

Charles B. Rangel

2:47:02 to 2:47:22( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: to happen, but just to suggest it so you might get favors in the future. it just seems to me that there should be some compassion for working families who have children. there should be some understanding that people who work each and every day and still come out under the

Charles B. Rangel

2:47:23 to 2:47:44( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: poverty line or close to it are entitled to the earned income tax credit so that they can meet their basic needs and rents and payi the mortgage, food, clothing. every community, not democrats, but democrats and republicans are feeling the impact of these fiscal crises that we're going through.

Charles B. Rangel

2:47:45 to 2:48:06( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: banks don't cry, fiscal institutions don't cry. but people in the neighborhood cry when they lose their job and lose their dignity and have to tell their kids that they're pulling them out of college. all the provisions that we put in. and especially knows that provide incentives for teachers and kids and school construction. how could you do it?

Charles B. Rangel

2:48:07 to 2:48:27( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: what were you thinking? explain it when you get back home? i really think that this goes beyond politics because i don't think the people back home should be made to pay for political decisions that are being made here. but there's a particular part in this bill that the house d

Charles B. Rangel

2:48:28 to 2:48:48( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: senate wanted in there and that was a billion tax crises -- tax benefit for crises that exist in our cities in our rural areas, which allows local governments, based on census tracks, not based on your party line, not whether you're democrat or republican, but

Charles B. Rangel

2:48:49 to 2:49:09( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: st based on unemployment, based on how many people are poor, how many people are feeling the pain of this cris, oh, i know wall street, are inconvenienced and the banking c.e.o.'s are inconvenienced but people who are suffering are american pe people.

Charles B. Rangel

2:49:10 to 2:49:30( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: that's the dream that we have in this country. not to be reach rich and certainly not to be homeless. but we have a vision for the work opportunity training program. came from one of your members to say what about the veterans that came out feeling that they were going to be accepted as the heroes that we all believe they are and yet have extended unemployment?

Charles B. Rangel

2:49:31 to 2:49:50( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: what do you go home and tell them when you say that that, too, has been stripped from the bill as kids that have special problems? it's painful to believe that this is being discussed on a political way because i would like to believe that it's america that's in trouble. not a party that's in trouble. and people are going to

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