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House Proceeding 01-28-09 on Jan 28th, 2009 :: 3:15:40 to 3:20:25
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John A. Boehner

3:15:37 to 3:15:58( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: it with tax gimmicks rather than work with us in fundamental tax reform that doesn't subject more people and give us this charade. i look for leadership of chairman neal in select revenue where we will fix it. i strongly urge the rejection of the misguidedriorities,

John A. Boehner

3:15:59 to 3:16:19( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: taking away the infrastructure investments that would make so much difference for our communities and undercut our american values -- families. the chair: the gentleman from miigan is recognized. mr. camp: we hold harmless in our legislation on the a.m.t. and we remove -- we reduce taxes on 100 million american families.

John A. Boehner

3:16:20 to 3:16:40( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: every american family that pays taxes. and with that i would yield one minute to the distinguished minority leader, the gentleman from ohio, mr. boehner. the chair: the gentleman from ohio is recognized for one minute. mr. boehner: let me thank my colleague from michigan for yielding. and coratulate him and our republican whip for the proposal that they have on the

John A. Boehner

3:16:41 to 3:17:02( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: floor. i think that the plan that we have on the floor, our alternative, is rooted in the principle that fast-acting tax relief will create more jobs in america than a lot of slow-moving government programs. the bill that we have on the floor, the underlying bill, has

John A. Boehner

3:17:03 to 3:17:24( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: as an example 32 new, brand new, government programs spend 36 billion. now, we all know how long it takes to get a new program up, the bureaucracy that has to be hired. we also know there's a lot of other spending in this bill that while it may be

John A. Boehner

3:17:25 to 3:17:47( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: well-meaning, it may be well-intentioned, we know it's not going to create jobs. sending 0 million-plus t the center for disease control to do whatever is not going to create new jobs in america. we're going to build bigger bureaucracies. or we can talk about the 50 million that's going to be

John A. Boehner

3:17:48 to 3:18:10( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: spent with digital tv coupons. now this looks like a slush fund to me because about 94% of the old tv's that need these boxes to receive signals already been purchased. so only about 6% of the tv's in america actually need these boxes. so that would be about 0

John A. Boehner

3:18:11 to 3:18:32( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: million, 0 million, maybe 0 million. the point is that the underlying bill, while it certnly has some good provisions, has a lot of wasteful spending, a lot of slow movement, slow-moving government spending in it. when i gave ms. pelosi the gavel on the opening day as speaker of the house, i told her the

John A. Boehner

3:18:33 to 3:18:54( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: republicans would not come to the floor and just be the party of no. that we would try to be the party of better ideas and last week when we had the schip bill on the floor, we brought a proposal out here which we thought was a better idea. today in this debate we think that we have a better idea. president obama has made clear that he believes that the goal

John A. Boehner

3:18:55 to 3:19:15( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: here should be to preserve jobs in america and to create new jobs in america. and i think that the proposal that we have that puts more money back in the hands of american families and small bu homeowners and people who want to buy aome and that takes away the tax liability r those who are unemployed and

John A. Boehner

3:19:16 to 3:19:36( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: getting unemployment insurance, that this bill in fact will be better for the american people. it better meets the goal that the president himself has outlined. and we want to work with the president. we've made clear to him that he's reached out and we're reaching out to him. because at the end of the day, the american people need a plan that works.

John A. Boehner

3:19:37 to 3:19:58( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: we all know our economy is in a difficult strait. we know people are losing their jobs, tens of thousands of them, every week. and so we have to act. and we have to help our ailing economy. the question is, how do we do it best? and weelieve this fast-acting tax relief is the way to get it done.

John A. Boehner

3:19:59 to 3:20:19( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: then we find out today that our proposal will create 6.2 million jobs over the next two years. about twice as many as the underlying bill and at about half the cost. remember, athe end of the day, this bill we're going to pass is not being paid for by taxpayers today. it's going to be paid for by

John A. Boehner

3:20:20 to 3:20:25( Edit History Discussion )

John A. Boehner: our kids and our grandkids and their kids. and we have to be cognizant of

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