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David R. Obey

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David R. Obey: is recognized. mr. hastings: i'm pleased to yield four minutes to the gentleman from oregon. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from oregon is recognized for four minutes. mr. walden: thank

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: you very much, mr. speaker. i want to thank my colleague from washington state for yielding time. i'm here today to talk about the secure rural schools and community self-determination

Greg Walden

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Speech By: Greg Walden

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: act, h.r. 17, in which the chairman of the rules committee is a co-sponsor. i went before the rules committee yesterday with an amendment co-sponsored by my colleague from oregon, mr.

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: defazio, to re-authorize or to appropriate, i should say, not re-authorize, for one year, just one year funds for our schools and roads in our rural communities, $400 million. to meet the

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: pay-go test, we provided a mechanism. it's not the most elegant mechanism out there but it was an across-the-board reduction in all spending by.00086% or one penny out of $1.58 spent in

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: this bill. today across america in more than 4,400 school districts in 600 counties, layoff notices are going out for teachers, for sheriff's deputies, for search and rescue patrols. for essential

Greg Walden

0:39:13 to 0:39:23( Edit History Discussion )

Greg Walden: services in our counties. libraries in jackson county, oregon, will close in april, all 15 of them. because the last congress and now this congress has failed to take action. failed. distinguished

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: gentleman who chairs the appropriations committee says, this is mandatory spending. we can't touch it in our bill. you can't authorize it in this bill. unless you got a waiver from the rules committee

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: because you cannot stand here and tell me there aren't programs being funded in this bill that have fully been authorized. i don't believe it's the case. this is one such program and you made the

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: choice not to do it here. now, many of you have indicated that you will work with us to fund this somewhere else and i am deeply appreciative of that. the chairwoman of the rules committee, a

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: co-sponsor of this re-authorization legislation, made that commitment yesterday i believe, to work with us on some other vehicle. but i just have to tell you how dramatic this is. in my district

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: and in districts across this country where school board administrators are having to tell their teachers, next year i can't guarantee you'll have a contract and i have to be able to do that by march

Greg Walden

0:40:22 to 0:40:35( Edit History Discussion )

Greg Walden: 1. they are putting out the layoff notices. they are looking at shutting down vital services. all because this federal government made a decision at some point to stop harvesting timber on federal

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: forestland in any significant measure. it's an 80% to 85% reduction that this congress through its actions in the past and lawsuits and everything else brought to a dramatic halt, active management

Greg Walden

0:40:46 to 0:40:56( Edit History Discussion )

Greg Walden: of our federal forest. last year in america, nine million acres burned and this congress had to appropriate $1.5 billion to put out forest fires and grassland fires. the most in the history

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: of this country following another year that was the most. we won't change the policy so we get commonsense management of our forest. now for the first time in nearly 100 years you break the

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: commitment that the federal government has had since teddy roosevelt was president and created the great forest reserves to be a good neighbor to the counties where up to 70% or 80%

Greg Walden

0:41:18 to 0:41:31( Edit History Discussion )

Greg Walden: of the federal lands in their counties are owned and managed or mismanaged in some of our opinions by the federal government. so school kids in my district out in grant county, boarding this

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: bus, are going to be traveling on roads where the road department is basically being eliminated. i want to share with you a letter from a fifth grader in ashland, oregon. if a fifth grader in ashland,

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: oregon can get it and understand it, this congress ought to be able to get it and understand it. she wrote to me after going to a martin luther king event and decided she ought to get

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involved in public service. her mother is a school teacher, her father a professor. i live in ashland, i go to bellview school, i'm in the fifth grade. i use our library a lot. we always borrow

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