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Phil Gingrey

1:05:20 to 1:12:25( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Phil Gingrey

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: skeleton and our ranking mc-- ike skelton and our ranking member mckeon. it's probably the most bipartisan committee in the house of representatives, i bet that's true on the senate side as well. judge carter is disappointed in this report, and i'm disappointed in this report. when we heard about this

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: tragedy at fort hood, in the great state of texas, at this army military installation which probably is the epitome of the army-military installation, when you think about the army, you think about fort benning, the home of the infrantry in my great state of georgia, down in columbus, and

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: you think about fort hood, probably the first two that come to your mind. but we were briefed, all members of the house of representatives, all 435 of us, had an opportunity to go to a briefing that the military, the people from fort hood, co names, probably good i don' remember the names, because i don't want to use them here

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: tonight but they were telling us, well, look, we responded correctly. mr. speaker, this is exactly what they said. the response to this incident, you would be proud, members of congress. you would be proud. everything we got all the emergency teams in wellocked down, he's taing about locking down the schools and

Phil Gingrey

1:08:13 to 1:08:33( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: all that, making sure the kids were safe and you know they went on for about 30 minute december scribing how this -- the response to this tragic attack, where this guy kills 14 and wounds 43 before we were able to take -- able to take him down and i want to say, of

Phil Gingrey

1:08:34 to 1:08:55( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: course that we salute the heroism that was shown that day at fort hood, i don't know who they were, but judge carter probably does and god bless them for wha they did but my concern at the time was, how do we have ourselveses in a situation where -- ourselves in a situation where anybody that goes nuts, of course we know that this situation was far

Phil Gingrey

1:08:56 to 1:09:17( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: more than just an incident of somebody going nuts, and that's the purpose of the hour tonight, the judge is talking about. but you know, we should have been able to take this guy t, you would think, after he had shot three or four people at the most. but that's kind of another story, mr. speaker. i was so concerned that when i heard that briefing, shortly

Phil Gingrey

1:09:18 to 1:09:38( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: after the incident, that it was like the military was telling us, you know, you should be proud of the fact that we responded after the fact. and that's my whole point, judge, in sharing a little bit of this time with you. it was like locking the barn door after the horse is long

Phil Gingrey

1:09:39 to 1:10:02( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: gone and that's what we did. we did a good job of that. but what the judge is talking a bt here tonight, mr. speaker is that you, when you have clear evidence that someone is a radical, has become radicalized, and you have this information and you don't share

Phil Gingrey

1:10:03 to 1:10:24( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: it and indeed, as was pointed out tonight, major hasan was promoted during this time, just right up through the ranks, no holds on his promotion, no concern, because of, yes, i'll say it, political correctness. they did not want to be in a position where, let's say

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: somebody could lose their job because they were calling out someone, blowing the whistle and saying, this guy is showing signs of islamic extremism, and we need to connect these dots and somebody needs to examine this person and let a

Phil Gingrey

1:10:47 to 1:11:07( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: psychiatrist see him, the psychiatrist, dr. hasan, doctor, you can't treat yourself, you need some help. i think that what the judge is saying, mr. speaker, is that we have got to sto this political correctness nonsense. we did the same thing, i think, in my humble opinion, on

Phil Gingrey

1:11:08 to 1:11:30( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: christmas day with the understoodie bomber, when a decision was made -- with the undie bomber, when a decision was made after 50 minutes or so, when they talked to someone in the justice department, most likely the attorney general, eric holder, saying, all right, this is not a terrorist.

Phil Gingrey

1:11:31 to 1:11:56( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: let's mirandaize this guy, he immediately gets lawyered up, as the saying goes, and shuts on the advice of counsel. we're just -- i was reading judge carter, today, i yield right back to you here in a second, i was looking over the budget, the $3.8 trillion budget proposal which the president delivered to congress

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: on monday, and in that budget, the line item section in regard to what we have always called rks and i think the world has known, the global war on terrorism and the amount of money we want to fund for that, we call it overseas contingency operations. or some such nonsense like that. nowhere in that budget, no

Phil Gingrey

1:12:19 to 1:12:25( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: matter how many hundreds of billions of dollars we need to fight that war do we call it a war on terror.

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