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House Proceeding on Feb 3rd, 2009 :: 0:16:40 to 0:20:05
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Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: twice the number of jobs at half the cost. better solution. let's put politics aside and do what's best for the american people and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from north carolina, ms. foxx. for five minutes. ms. foxx: th speaker.

Virginia Foxx

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Speech By: Virginia Foxx

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: i want to thank my colleagues for the great information that they have shared today and how they have laid out the issue that we're dealing with. but i want to add some more to that. yesterday the treasury department announced that it will need to borrow 93 billion in the first three

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: months of 2009, the highest amount ever borrowed in the first quarter. this is on top of the record debt racked up in the last quarter of 2008, 69 billion. it's important to emphasize here that the only money, the only money the federal government has is that which it takes from taxpaying citizens

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: or borrows from foreign countries. we have never in the history of our nation taken on this much debt this quickly. for those keeping track at home that's ,062,000,000 in two months. did i mention that this more

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: than trillion in does not include the so-called stimulus plan which now costs 00 billion? folks, the federal government is broke. every single dollar of new spending is added to our national debt. and how do we pay back this debt? that's easy. new taxes, higher taxes. in the meantime, we keep hearing how this borrow and

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: spend stimulus plan is going to quickly create jobs. how does upgrading the department of agriculture's computers help create jobs? or billion for census follow-up in 2010 or billion for g.s.a. fund that's already running a surplus?

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: well, this does not create jobs, it creates debt. it has no business. some of this spending may have merit but it belongs in the budget process, not tact on to a must-pass bill because it didn't stand a chance in the actual budget. this wasteful spending is the

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: kind of washington business as usual that americans are tired of. if we're going to have an economic recovery package, let's do it right. despite our colleagues on the other side of the aisle saying we do not have a plan, republicans have proposed a package of tax relief and unemployment assistance that will create twice the jobs at half the cost.

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: let me repeat that. the republican proposal creates twice the jobs at half the cost. and the g.o.p. plaaddresses the underlying cause of our economic distress in the u.s. housing market. i want to thank my colleague from virginia, eric cantor, for helping to spearhead this plan and for setting up a helpful website at discusses the

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: republican economic recovery plan at that will help small businesses start hiring and get the housing market moving again and it acknowledges that every

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