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House Proceeding 02-03-09 on Feb 3rd, 2009 :: 2:01:25 to 2:05:30
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Eric Cantor

2:01:22 to 2:01:42( Edit History Discussion )

Eric Cantor: february, 2009, is to reassure the american public that we're beg responsible with our tax dollars and doing everything in our power to strengthen this bill and be sure p paycheck and a job next month. the speaker pro tempore: the

Eric Cantor

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Speech By: Eric Cantor

Eric Cantor

2:01:43 to 2:02:04( Edit History Discussion )

Eric Cantor: gentleman from mississippi. mr. thompson: madam speaker, i yield to mr. carney from pennsylvania. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. carney: thank you, madam chair, and thank you, mr. chairman. i rise in strong support of h.r. 53, the reducing

Eric Cantor

2:02:05 to 2:02:26( Edit History Discussion )

Eric Cantor: overclassification act of 2009. it's an essential part of our national security, and this act is identical to one that passed the house last year, h.r. 4806. i was proud to work on that legislation with ms. harman and my other intelligence suommittee chairmen last year and i'm pleased we're moving it this congress. our goal is a simple one, to

Eric Cantor

2:02:27 to 2:02:48( Edit History Discussion )

Eric Cantor: make d.h.s. the gold standard when it comes to classification practice. as someone with many years of intelligence experience as a member of the u.s. military i know that intel is useless if it doesn't get to the people who need it. and i've witnessed personally the missed opportunities that can arise from overclassification. that's why h.r. 553 is designed

Eric Cantor

2:02:49 to 2:03:10( Edit History Discussion )

Eric Cantor: to ensure at as much homeland security information as possible is shared with the department, state, local, tribal and private sector partners. the men and women on the front lines of the nation's homeland security efforts. as a 9/11 commission and others have noted, it is those officers who during their day-to-day police work are most likely to uncover a terrorist

Eric Cantor

2:03:11 to 2:03:33( Edit History Discussion )

Eric Cantor: plot in the making and those who are best positioned to disrupt or even prevent it. they are not only our first responders, they are also our first preventers. unfortunately, what we've heard time and again from those officers is not encoaging. they are not getting important information that can keep people safe because too much of it is stamped top secret.

Eric Cantor

2:03:34 to 2:03:54( Edit History Discussion )

Eric Cantor: h.r. 553 will promote accountability and best practices at d.h.s. by requiring employees and contractors to use a classification regime the way it was intended, to protect sensitive sources and methods, not to hide embarrassing facts or protect political turf. among other things h.r. 553

Eric Cantor

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Eric Cantor: will promote is accountability by requiring that all classified intelligence products created at the department be simultaneously created with a standard unclassified -- unclassified format as well. if such a product would help police and this was keep us safe. this would help change intelligence culture that is

Eric Cantor

2:04:16 to 2:04:38( Edit History Discussion )

Eric Cantor: far too comfortable with classifying rather than sharing. h.r. 553, likewise, will promote accountability b requiring the secretary to create an for the d.h.s. inspector general that randomly samples intelligence products, identifies problems that exist in those samples and recommends improvements to fix them. to further engage department

Eric Cantor

2:04:39 to 2:05:00( Edit History Discussion )

Eric Cantor: staff and their efforts to get classifycation right, h.r. 553 requires the secretary to establish a process to which employees may challenge original d.h.s. classification decisions d be rewarded for bringing those abuses to light. the legislation further requires the secretary to establish penalties for staff who repeatedly fail to comply with applicable classification

Eric Cantor

2:05:01 to 2:05:21( Edit History Discussion )

Eric Cantor: policies despite notice of their noncompliance and an opportunity to undergo retraining. i will not. i will finish my statement. mr end of your statement? mr. carney: perhaps.

Eric Cantor

2:05:22 to 2:05:30( Edit History Discussion )

Eric Cantor: h.r. 553 is a good step. madam speaker, i'd like to thank ms. harman for her leadership on this bill. i urge passage of this essential legislation.

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