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House Proceeding 02-03-09 on Feb 3rd, 2009 :: 2:06:25 to 2:10:15
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Patrick T. McHenry

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Patrick T. McHenry: programs, mr. caey, stimulate the economy in pennsylvania? mr. carney: i yield back, speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. for what purpose does the gentleman from texas rise? mr. olson: mr. speaker, i yield five minutes to the distinguished gentleman from north carolina, mr. mchenry.

Patrick T. McHenry

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Speech By: Patrick T. McHenry

Patrick T. McHenry

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Patrick T. McHenry: the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for five minutes mr. mchenry: i thank my colleague from texas and thank you, mr. speaker, for the opportunity to speak on this legislation today. i think congress agrees. i think we're going to have a nice bipartisan vote on this legislation. i want to thank the chairman for his hard work on this

Patrick T. McHenry

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Patrick T. McHenry: legislation. but we have a greater issue that we also need to talk about and action is truly needed to rebuild our economy. we know that. the american people know that. and our elected leaders know that we have to not only have good policies for homeland security and national security but our economic security at

Patrick T. McHenry

2:07:21 to 2:07:41( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick T. McHenry: home. and unfortu majority andheir so-called stimulus bill, which is really nothing more than a spending bill, does nothing of the sort. it devotes, quote, tens of billions of dollars to causes that have little to do with jolting our economy out of recession. as the associated press says.

Patrick T. McHenry

2:07:42 to 2:08:02( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick T. McHenry: only 3% of the funds in the so-called stimulus bill or the pork barrel bill are dedicated to road and highway infrastructure projects. in just -- and just 2.7% is dedicated to small business tax relief even though we know that 90% of americans are employed by small businesses. and most of the new jobs that

Patrick T. McHenry

2:08:03 to 2:08:25( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick T. McHenry: this country createsre created by small businesses. and the democrats' answer to stimulating the economy is not by helping small businesses but by creating 32 new government programs and spending 46,214 per government job that is created under that bill.

Patrick T. McHenry

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Patrick T. McHenry: to make matters worse, the nonpartisan congressional budget office reported that er half the money will be spent between 2011 and 20 after most economists say this economy -- this economy will have recovered, will be out of this recession. look, this was nothing more than a partisan opportunity to lard up and load up this piece

Patrick T. McHenry

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Patrick T. McHenry: of legislation and add a bunch of different liberal spending priorities. it's not about a stimulus. it's not about helping the money through these economic times. and with so many of my constituents struggling in western north carolina just to keep their head above water, this congress passed an 19 billion spending bill that will do nothing but add to our debt

Patrick T. McHenry

2:09:11 to 2:09:31( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick T. McHenry: and deficit and cause us massive inflation in the years to come as well as mounting debt every day. and i'm in agreement with so many of these economists who predict that this legislation will have a disrastuss effect on our long-term economic security in this country and will do little to stimulate

Patrick T. McHenry

2:09:32 to 2:09:53( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick T. McHenry: this economy. well, the one thing that is certain is the result of this type of legislation will be a massive tax increase by this democrat congress in the future. i think this is highly unfortunate. i think we need to come together, as president obama said, and work for a bipartisan piece of legislation that will have tax cuts for small

Patrick T. McHenry

2:09:54 to 2:10:14( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick T. McHenry: business -- small businesses in this country as well as proper infrastructure spending that will help our economy regai its footing so we can get back to economic growth and creating new jobs and good jobs for my constituents in western north carolina as well as all americans in all 50 states. and so with that i urge this

Patrick T. McHenry

2:10:15 to 2:10:16( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick T. McHenry: congressional leadership to

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