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Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: -- role, the role that includes reform, benefiting government and the role that includes members of the house lead big example. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back his time. the gentleman, mr. jones, from north carolina. for what purpose does the ntleman from indiana mr. burton: i ask unanimous consent to address the house

Dan Burton

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Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: for five minutes out of order. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. burton: today we had a hearing before the international relations committee and one subject brought up was enhanced interrogation techniques. waterboarding was brought up. one of my colleagues said, boy, that's torture. that's why we wouldn't be using that.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: khalid sheikh mohammed who personally cut the head of daniel parole, personally killed him, he was personal -- daniel pearl, he was water boarded and before he wasater boarded he said, i want to read

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: from the c.a. memo, it says, the c.i.a. believes it would have been unable to obtain information from detainees, including khalid sheikh mohammed and others, says the memo. both had expressed their idea that the united states was wake and would be untable do what

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: was necessary to prevent terrorists from succeed naring goals. tpwhever c.i.a. used enhanced techniques in its interrogation he said, when asked about future attacks, simply, soon you will know. soon after he was subjected to the waterboarding, he became cooperative and as a result we were able to stop an attack

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: that was going to take place in los angeles where a plane was going to fly into a building. we have said time and again, we don't believe in torture, and i don't believe in torture. but the definition of torture is in the eye of the beholder. they say waterboarding is terrible, it's torture. but do you know, and i don't think many of my colleagues

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: know this, that the survival evasion rescue and escape training for our military personnel, and that's the special forces the navy seals, and pilots that fly in the military, they go through enhanced techniques like this and they go through waterboarding. they have for 30 years. maybe they're stopping it now.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: but they, for 30 years, since vietnam, went through waterboarding as a training technique. nobody called it torture then. and we certainly weren't talking about a terrorist who cut somebody's head off and helped design the attack on the world trade center that killed other 3,000 people.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: c.i.a. director general michael aiden said on fox news sunday that the use of these techniques against these terrorists made us, the united states of america, safer. it really did work. and the thing that bothers me, instead of using enhanced interrogation techniques to go after terrorists to find out what's going on, we're instead

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: bringing them from guantanamo to new york city. they've stopped that now because it's going to cost $250 million at lea and the may cror of the city said he doesn't want that -- and the mayor of the city said he doesn't want that to to go on. but we were going to bring these terrorists who did these terrible things, cutting off

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: people's heads and hanging them from overhangs in fallujah, we were going to bring them to new york and we're providing them with legal help, and this guy who flew into detroit and tried to blow up a plane we gave him his miranda rights and then we went to his home country and brought his mother and father

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: back to talk to him to convince him to talk to the american intelligence people. is that the way you conduct intelligence gathering? giving them miranda rights, bringing them to the united states after they've done these horrible things to americans, they're terrorists? we are in a war against terrorism.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: within bounds, we should use every enhanced technique we can come up with to elicit information from these terrorists before they kill americans. we should be going after them with everything we have instead of providing legal defense for them. they are not americans, they are terrorists who want to destroy the united states of america and we as americans

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: need to realize that and do whatever is necessary, including using enhanced interrogation techniques like waterboarding, which we've done with the military, our military, in order to save this

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