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House Proceeding on Feb 4th, 2010 :: 2:35:10 to 2:38:40
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James P. McGovern

2:35:06 to 2:35:27( Edit History Discussion )

James P. McGovern: sixing -- fixing our national fiscal house and spending problems. i urge members to vote no on the previous question so they can bring up the end tarp act, we can end the bailouts once and for all and not raise the debt ceiling by nearly $2 trillion. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from massachusetts is recognized. mr. mcgovern: madam speaker, i again inquire how much time i

James P. McGovern

2:35:10 to 2:38:40( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: James P. McGovern

James P. McGovern

2:35:28 to 2:35:48( Edit History Discussion )

James P. McGovern: have remaing. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from massachusetts controls 6 1/2 minutes and the gentleman from texas controls 1 1/2 minutes. mr. mcgovern: madam speaker, i yield myself three minutes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. mcgovern: madam speaker, we've had an enlightening debate here today and i guess the difference between democrats and

James P. McGovern

2:35:49 to 2:36:09( Edit History Discussion )

James P. McGovern: republicans couldn't be clearer. and this debate couldn't come at a better time. my colleagues on the oer side of the aisle believe a that we should balance the budget by going after medicare and social security. they introduced a -- an alternative budget in the budget committee, it's there right in black and white, easy to understand, no one denies it. mr. hensarling who was on the

James P. McGovern

2:36:10 to 2:36:30( Edit History Discussion )

James P. McGovern: floor earlier was on msnbc talking about the neat to, -- need to, quote, reengineer social security, which is a word for -- code word for privatization. my colleagues don't support pay-go and they don't support increasing the debt limit. i guess that means they'd rather play politics than act responsibly to fix the problems that this country faces. president obama said that fixing

James P. McGovern

2:36:31 to 2:36:51( Edit History Discussion )

James P. McGovern: this economy would not be easy and it wouldn't happen overnight. and that's clear. he took office and we implemented a bold plan to jump start the economy and in the fourth quarter we saw the u.s. economy grow at 5.-- at a 5.7% rate. mark zandi, the co-founder of moodies and former

James P. McGovern

2:36:52 to 2:37:13( Edit History Discussion )

James P. McGovern: mccain econo we're headed -- headed in the right direction, the recovery has begun. i think prospects are that job growth will continue and we'll have enough job growth to bring up unemployment and good things will happen, end quote. th's a republican economist. instead of working together to fix the economy, my republican colleagues have decided to try and use this recession for political gain.

James P. McGovern

2:37:14 to 2:37:34( Edit History Discussion )

James P. McGovern: they've obstructed and opposed all efforts to jumpstart the economy, they voted against the recovery act which put millions of people to work and saved millions of jobs. they would have rather fired cops and firefighters and teachers. they would have denied new emerging industries the important money to hire more people.

James P. McGovern

2:37:35 to 2:37:55( Edit History Discussion )

James P. McGovern: they voted against the jobs creation bill and except for one brave vote against the health care bill that according to the c.b.o. would reduce the deficit. instead they've dusted off the tired old stand bis. corporate tax cuts and privatization of social security and medicare. unfortunately they' stuck in the past and have simply repeat -- and are simply repeating the mistakes that you the us here in the first place.

James P. McGovern

2:37:56 to 2:38:17( Edit History Discussion )

James P. McGovern: we were elected to do responsible things, to do what's right. we were elect to solve problems and make this country and the world a better place. republicans say we can't default on our debt and we'll reduce that debt through pay-go, bending the cost on health care and curving spending. i think we need to look at all parts of federal spending, including wasteful and unnecessary spending of the defense department, but it's

James P. McGovern

2:38:18 to 2:38:38( Edit History Discussion )

James P. McGovern: clear we need to prioritize our spending. in fact, democrats say we're going to cut captain gains, something the republicans have been telling you for years, but republicans are opposing that, too, simply because president obama is proposing it. madam speaker, there's a time and a place for politics and i get that. but to paraphrase john mccain, sometimes you have to put country first and it's unfortunate that my republican

James P. McGovern

2:38:39 to 2:38:40( Edit History Discussion )

James P. McGovern: colleagues would rather play politics instead of acting

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