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House Proceeding 02-12-08 on Feb 12th, 2008 :: 0:19:47 to 0:23:33
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Ed Case

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Ed Case: the focus was onboarder vulnerabilities and on international terrorism. at that time there had been some reports of international terrorists trying to cross that border. one thing the border

Brian Bilbray

0:19:47 to 0:20:02( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: patrol asked us for and they said this would make an immediate impact on securing our borders and securing our nation, they asked us for a double border fence as was finally passed in the

Brian Bilbray

0:19:47 to 0:23:33( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Brian Bilbray

Brian Bilbray

0:20:02 to 0:20:14( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: secure fence act. many americans strongly supported that legislation to construct that fence to help slow illegal entry into the united states. quite frankly they are baffled that congress took

Brian Bilbray

0:20:14 to 0:20:28( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: such a step back from strengthening our border security as we did with that omnibus spending bill earlier this year because that omnibus spending bill gutted the secure fence act. the secure

Brian Bilbray

0:20:28 to 0:20:39( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: fence act required double fencing, it would put a fence where it was needed most, in areas that have the highest instances of drug smuggle, human smuggling, and gang activity. the omnibus

Brian Bilbray

0:20:39 to 0:20:53( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: bill we passed here that i opposed removed the two-tier requirement and list of locations. it also put up numerous bureaucratic and legal hurdles to undermine the fence's completion. it's past

Brian Bilbray

0:20:53 to 0:21:10( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: time we strengthen operational control of our borders. we need to use every tool available to give the border patrol the support they need to help protect border patrol agents as they requested.

Brian Bilbray

0:21:10 to 0:21:23( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: again i just want to recognize the service of agent luis aguilar, killed in the line of duty. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves tnthe balance of his time. the gentleman

Brian Bilbray

0:21:23 to 0:21:36( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: from mississippi. mr. thompson: thank you, mr. speaker. i have no more speakers at this time. i'm prepared to close if mr. davis is prepared also. mr. davis: i have another speaker, mr.

Brian Bilbray

0:21:36 to 0:21:49( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the or gentleman is recognize mr. davis: mr. speaker, i yield five minutes to my good friend, mr. bilbray, from california. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman

Brian Bilbray

0:21:49 to 0:22:07( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: from california is recognized. mr. bilbray: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, agent aguilar like myself was born and raised on the border. he knew the challenges that faced the border. he

Brian Bilbray

0:22:07 to 0:22:22( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: understood the risks. and sadly his lifely as documented, a price we pay for out-of-control borders. i just hope that everyone today when they vote on this bill and support this bill recognizes

Brian Bilbray

0:22:22 to 0:22:34( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: that for all too long border patrol agents have not only faced the threat of life and death situations along the border while they are enforcing our law, protecting our neighborhoods, and

Brian Bilbray

0:22:34 to 0:22:46( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: protecting the lives of illegal immigrants crossing the border every day, a story that's not told enough about when somebody crossing the border illegal needs to be saved while they are dying

Brian Bilbray

0:22:46 to 0:23:03( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: in the desert, drowning in rivers, being attacked by coyotes. it's the border patrol agents who are the last straw of survival for so many of these illegals. but border patrol aguilar proved

Brian Bilbray

0:23:03 to 0:23:15( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: his loyalty to america with his life. and sadly i just ask all of us remember that there are aguilars up and down the border north and south, all over this country doing a tough job and frankly

Brian Bilbray

0:23:15 to 0:23:33( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: not getting very much credit. in fact, getting attacked personally and viciously just because they are doing the tough job that the american people want. i just hope that we understand that our

Bennie G. Thompson

0:23:33 to 0:23:48( Edit History Discussion )

Bennie G. Thompson: job today is to recognize the sacrifice of the aguilar family and member that when mrs. aguilar passed away after finding out about her son, i'm sure she would want to send a message of do

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