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House Proceeding on Feb 14th, 2007 :: 6:36:52 to 6:40:12
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6:36:37 to 6:36:52( Edit History Discussion )

prior to our toppling the taliban regime in operation enduring freedom. to abandon our fight against the terrorists is to have failed to learn the lessons of 9/11 and to revert to a poll si

Nathan Deal

6:36:52 to 6:37:10( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: to allow two decades of escalating violence. that policy resulted in the death of thousands of americans . and so well documented by the gentleman from new jersey, mr. saxton. it is imperative

Nathan Deal

6:36:52 to 6:40:12( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Nathan Deal

Nathan Deal

6:37:10 to 6:37:35( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: that we defeat this enemy, whose sole desire is to kill americans anywhere, anyway they can. today, the theater is iraq. but if we retreat from this war, as those on the other side of the aisle

Nathan Deal

6:37:35 to 6:37:53( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: have advocated, then we will fight them in the cities and in the towns. either way, this war will be fought. i would like to, at this point, mr. speaker, i have a guestes a from my hometown

Nathan Deal

6:37:53 to 6:38:07( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: newspaper from a war veteran by the name of wayne wood. and i would like this completes a entered into the record. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. everett: i would like to

Nathan Deal

6:38:07 to 6:38:20( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: quote a couple of things from it. this is as i said from a former combat veteran wayne wood. as i watched the current debate over iraq, on the war in iraq, i remember sitting in a day room in

Nathan Deal

6:38:20 to 6:38:35( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: oklahoma where my buddies and thinking about vietnam and saigon in 1975. i was thinking of and i know my buddies were thinking of all the guys we knew who have gone over to fight for the

Nathan Deal

6:38:35 to 6:38:50( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: vietnamese, who didn't come back. we occursed the r.v.n. soldiers who would not stand and fight for their country. we were angry of their sacrifice was in vein. it was only years later that i

Nathan Deal

6:38:50 to 6:39:09( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: learned to my dismay, that it wasn't them who betrayed my fellow soldiers but our own elected representatives in congress who voted to cut funding for the defense of the republic of south

Nathan Deal

6:39:09 to 6:39:28( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: vietnam. we were told the iraqi situation is unwinnable. we were told we had lost the war in vietnam. after the tet, walter cronkite and said so. we said if walter said it, it must be so. now our

Nathan Deal

6:39:28 to 6:39:37( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: media and others, some in this body, tell us the same thing. we are being told on how helpless the situation in iraq. what about the american people? what are the american people supposed

Nathan Deal

6:39:37 to 6:39:46( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: to think? but the picture i got from former students, who have served in iraq, tells another study. they are frustrated by the good things that are happening in iraq that aren't being shown,

Nathan Deal

6:39:46 to 6:39:59( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: that the people only see the bad. there on a fear that they won't be allowed to finish the job. their sacrifice would be in vain. from a distance, the situation does look grim. but as a soldier

Nathan Deal

6:39:59 to 6:40:12( Edit History Discussion )

Nathan Deal: who has been to war up close, i know war is a grim business. i remember the words of a marine soldier julian smith speaking of a battle in world war ii. we were losing until we won. mr.

John Lewis

6:40:12 to 6:40:25( Edit History Discussion )

John Lewis: speaker, mr. wood has a number of other examples here and that's the reason i ask for it to be incertificated into the record. and i urge my colleagues and i urge my sole etion on the other

John Lewis

6:40:12 to 6:42:22( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John Lewis

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