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House Proceeding on Feb 14th, 2007 :: 9:25:08 to 9:28:58
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Eddie Bernice Johnson

9:20:01 to 9:25:08( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Eddie Bernice Johnson

Eddie Bernice Johnson

9:24:54 to 9:25:08( Edit History Discussion )

Eddie Bernice Johnson: resources that they need to get the job done. this resolution specifically says you will not do that. premature withdrawal from -- or a forced gradual withdrawal which this resolution seems to endorse

Tom Latham

9:25:08 to 9:25:23( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: from iraq through cutting funds may appease those who oppose the war, the base of the authors who wrote this resolution, but it surely will produce more blood shed and sectarian violence far

Tom Latham

9:25:08 to 9:28:58( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Tom Latham

Tom Latham

9:25:23 to 9:25:33( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: exceeding the level currently reported by newspapers today. i am not willing to gamble with those lives of future americans, of our generations to come. this resolution runsway from the best

Tom Latham

9:25:33 to 9:25:47( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: option we have been presented to provide security in iraq. i am opened to alternatives. better plans including those from our colleagues on the other side. it's just that we are not enable

Tom Latham

9:25:47 to 9:26:00( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: to engage in that discussion today. will i vote no on this resolution and -- i will vote no on this resolution and hope the majority of my colleagues will join me. the speaker pro tempore: the

Tom Latham

9:26:00 to 9:26:12( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: gentleman from american samoa is recognized. mr. faleomavaega: madam speaker, i gladly yield five minutes to my distinguished colleague from louisiana, mr. jefferson. the speaker pro tempore:

Tom Latham

9:26:12 to 9:26:24( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: the gentleman from louisiana is recognized for five minutes. mr. jefferson: i thank the gentleman for yielding. madam speaker, i thank you for this opportunity to address an issue of grave

Tom Latham

9:26:24 to 9:26:38( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: importance to our country. i rise in support of the resolution that is before us. the resolution continues to support our troops who are presently fighting in iraq. but it calls into severe

Tom Latham

9:26:38 to 9:26:53( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: question the wisdom of escalating our military involvement there. i personally believe that escalating our efforts in iraq is a tremendous mistake. it is time for us to recognize that

Tom Latham

9:26:53 to 9:27:05( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: there is no military solution to what is happening there. the only solution that is will work in iraq is a political solution. even those who believe this surge to be an excellent strategy

Tom Latham

9:27:05 to 9:27:17( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: do so because they hope that it will lead to more favorable conditions for a political settlement. the political solution depends on the iraqi people themselves. deciding to work together, to

Tom Latham

9:27:17 to 9:27:30( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: n.i.t. their country together, and fight on behalf of their own nation democracy. the rampant violence in iraq is a result of civil conflict in that country and the iraqi people must decide

Tom Latham

9:27:30 to 9:27:49( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: whether they will truly have a real representative democracy that includes the sunnis, shiahs, and other significant segments of their society. if the iraqi government is a stand up for its

Tom Latham

9:27:49 to 9:28:01( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: own future, we must begin now to make it clear we will not stay there forever and continue to add our troops. i personally believe that the best way to signal our commitment is not -- it is

Tom Latham

9:28:01 to 9:28:16( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: open-ended in the civil war. it is to start now the withdrawal of some of our troops. however, short of that this resolution is an important first step toward ensuring that the people of our

Tom Latham

9:28:16 to 9:28:31( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: nation know that we are changing direction in iraq and so that the people of iraq will know that they must plan a future with the united states as an important ally but not as an enforcer

Tom Latham

9:28:31 to 9:28:46( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: of the status quo in their nation. madam speaker, the justification for the invasion of iraq have long ago been discredited. there were no weapons of mass destruction. there was no nuclear threat.

Tom Latham

9:28:46 to 9:28:58( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: every credible source and study has established there was no connection between saddam hussein and al qaeda and the tragic events of 9/11. these were the reasons that were given as justification

9:28:58 to 9:29:10( Edit History Discussion )

of our entering into the iraqi war and supported the statement that our national interest was at stake. the reasons were erroneous, no national interest existed. winning a military conflict does

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