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House Proceeding on Feb 15th, 2007 :: 0:36:29 to 0:42:19
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Sam Johnson

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Sam Johnson: a matter of troop strength and numbers, then the issue would lend its to military and strategic solutions and we would not be having this debate. that's not the real issue, however. that's

John Kline

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John Kline: not the reason that every member of this congress is being granted the opportunity to speak on this issue. no, my fellow members of congress, the real issue we are addressing today is not that

John Kline

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Speech By: John Kline

John Kline

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John Kline: simple. the real issue goes to the very heart of our american democracy. last november the american people voted for a change in leadership. they did so overwhelmingly because they want

John Kline

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John Kline: a new direction in iraq. the american people also voted for a new congress because they had lost faith in the old one. as a congress, we had lost our footing and as a result, our nation lost its

John Kline

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John Kline: way on the international stage. i believe that last november's call for a new direction in iraq is also rooted in our lost for too long the congress has asked too few questions and been

John Kline

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John Kline: all too willing to put politics and ideology before our nation's security. to be sure matters of war are the most serious that i will deliberate over in the united states congress. indeed such

John Kline

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John Kline: a vote was my first in the congress in 1991. but with this moment congress now has the opportunity to take the country into a new phase of this war, to me nothing matters more than getting this

John Kline

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John Kline: right. four years ago i voted against authorizing the president to go to war because, as i said on this house floor, i believed taking unilateral action against iraq would "weaken our moral

0:38:21 to 0:38:36( Edit History Discussion )

authority, our military effectiveness, and our ability to keep events under control afterwards." today one month into the new congress and for the first time since the previous majority

John Kline

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John Kline: rushed to authorize this war in october of 2002, every member of this institution, democrat or republican, will face a different choice. with the situation so clearly out of control, members

John Kline

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John Kline: can trust president bush one more time as he escalates the conflict in iraq, or they can support a change in direction that begins to redeploy our troops out of iraq. that uses our military in

John Kline

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John Kline: the right way. to make our country safer and raise america's standing so that we have both allies and moral authority to address our threats. to be sure of all the concerns we take to the floor

John Kline

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John Kline: with, it is the deteriorating welfare of our troops that is most alarming. of course every american takes comfort in the heroism and determination that our soldiers have shown. they have performed

John Kline

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John Kline: magnificently. but they have been charged with an impossible mission that undermines their incalculable sacrifice and has strained our military in countless way from manpower to morale. as the

John Kline

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John Kline: father of one marine whose son has been deployed for the second time to iraq wrote to me, and i quote, you forget what it is like to actually sleep through the night without waking up to

John Kline

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John Kline: the horrible thought that you might not ever see your son again. mr. speaker, we all know our troops will do anything their country asks of them, but let us not ask them to escalate an unwinnable

John Kline

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John Kline: war. today virtually everyone agrees we need a new strategy. everyone that is except for the president who continues to pursue an objective, the consensus judgment of our nation's intelligence

John Kline

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John Kline: agencies says has no chance of success. indeed, in proposing an escalation of the current strategy the president rejects conclusions drawn by the national intelligence estimate. the bipartisan iraq

John Kline

0:41:21 to 0:41:32( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: study group, his own generals, and perhaps most importantly the american people. the speaker pro tempore: additional 30 seconds. ms. delauro: in so doing he sends what could be as many as 170,000

John Kline

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John Kline: troops into a civil war that is being waged along sectarian faultlines that have existed for more than 1,300 years. mr. speaker, i am not willing to stand here in the well of the house of representatives

John Kline

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John Kline: and not move to change our policy in iraq. there are too many lives at stake, our security at stake. i support the conclusions and recommendations of the bipartisan iraq study group, but

John Kline

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John Kline: i have crossed the rube conon this war -- rubicon on this war. i will seek every opportunity to mandate such a change in law. that begins with stopping this escalation. it is our obligation,

Gary L. Ackerman

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Gary L. Ackerman: let us honor it. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady's time has expired. the gentleman from texas. mr. johnson: mr. speaker, i'll make a statement later, but right now i'd like to introduce

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