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Barbara Lee

1:32:26 to 1:32:47( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: mr. chairman, i would -- mr. speaker, i'd like to yield now to our chairperson, barbara lee, the gentlelady from california. mr. lee: thank you very much, mr. speaker. first -- ms. lee: thank you very much, mr. speaker. first of all, let me thank the gentlelady from ohio for yielding and your leadership. just a bit of history.

Barbara Lee

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Speech By: Barbara Lee

Barbara Lee

1:32:48 to 1:33:09( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: we have been for many years now holding these special orders. to make su that the country understood what the priorities are of the congressional black caucus, which, of course, we believe will make america live up to its cede of liberty and justice for all. as a result of that, the late

Barbara Lee

1:33:10 to 1:33:31( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: -- our beloved congresswoman stephanie tubbs jones chaired these special orders eve week for us, to sound the alarm, to beat the drum, to make sure the country knew the work of the congressional black caucus. i want to thank the gentlelady from ohio for continuing this tradition. this is truly historical. she is such a great leader.

Barbara Lee

1:33:32 to 1:33:53( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: not only in her home state, but throughout the country and so we look forward and this this is her first night chairing this. we look forward to continuing the legacy of those who came before us to make sure that the agenda of the congressional black caucus is put forth center front so that the country can know exactly the

Barbara Lee

1:33:54 to 1:34:14( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: work of this great and august body. this is black history month. it began in 1926 as negro history week, out of dr. carter g. woodson's frustrations over the lack of black history in history books. for 83 years, the contributions of african-americans have been recognized and celebrated each

Barbara Lee

1:34:15 to 1:34:35( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: february. it comes as no surprise that this year black histy month is a special -- is especially significant with the inauguration of barack obama as our nation's4th president. 40 years ago, the congressional black caucus was founded with a simple yet a very profound goal and i'd like to rad you what

Barbara Lee

1:34:36 to 1:34:56( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: the founding -- read what you the founding statement said. part of the statement said, to positively influence the course of events pertinent to african-americans and others of similar experience and situation and to achieve greater equity for persons of african descent in the design

Barbara Lee

1:34:57 to 1:35:18( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: and content of domestic and international programs of service. black history month is a time to celebrate the legacy of so many of our heroes and our sheroes whose stories sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us. for more than 400 years and despite tremendous hardships african-americans have made

Barbara Lee

1:35:19 to 1:35:40( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: significant contributions to the economic, educational, publiccal, artistic, literally, religious, scientific and technological life in the united states. in the words of the old negro spiritual, we have come this far by faith. faith in the combine justice of a merciful god. faith in the ideals proclaimed

Barbara Lee

1:35:41 to 1:36:01( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: to the world in the declaration of independence by the founders. and faith in the capacity of americans of all cedes, races and religiouses -- kreeds, races and religions to makering their life freer, better, stronger, more equal and more just. earlier this month, the congressional black caucus, led

Barbara Lee

1:36:02 to 1:36:22( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: by the honorable danny davis from illinois, held a black history month program to honor and celebrate the legacy of a truly courageous group of trail blazers, the 22 black lawmakers who served in the house and the senate in the two decades after the civil war. every african-american member

Barbara Lee

1:36:23 to 1:36:43( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: of congress today and tomoow will forever owe them a debt of grat feud. we must all pay tribute -- gratitude. we must all pay tribute to this group because they symbolized more than the victory and the he radcation of the institute of slavery -- slavery. these eight men, they had been held as human chattel,

Barbara Lee

1:36:44 to 1:37:06( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: represented the embodiment of hope. hope n only tt the shackles of slavery could be broken, but hope that america was indeed capable of fulfilling the principles of liberal, equality and justice for all who call this land home. quote, place all citizens upon

Barbara Lee

1:37:07 to 1:37:29( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: one broad platform, declared representative richard caine of south carolina, who served two nonconsecutive term it's during the 1870's. he said, all we ask of this country right here on this floor, he said, is to put no barriers between us, to lay no stumbling blocks in our way, to give us freedom to accomplish

Barbara Lee

1:37:30 to 1:37:50( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: our destiny. that was in the 1870's. and, of course, part of that destiny is, as i said earlier, was fulfilled on tuesday, november 4, when this nation elected barack obama president of the united states. we all know too well that electoral victories can be fleeting. if they are not coupled with a

Barbara Lee

1:37:51 to 1:38:13( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: sustained commitment day in and day out to protect and empower all americans. despite the bravery and efforts of this early van guard of black lawmakers, for most african-americans, the strides made during the reconstruction period gave way to an era of jim crow which many of us remember and experienced. and black lives in many of the

Barbara Lee

1:38:14 to 1:38:35( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: lands that once were represented here on capitol hill by african-americans and elsewhere in our country, too, were routinely lynch and subjected to second -- lifrpbled and subjected to second class citizenship. yet i am certain that we all know to be positive, -- possible, the true possibilities of this country and we know what beebb -- we

Barbara Lee

1:38:36 to 1:38:56( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: believe in can be achieved and we owe in no small measure to what i like to call this original congressional black caucus, those 22 members then moving forward to the 13 members who founded the congressional black caucus 40 years ago and, yes, still today the congressional black caucus, 42 members of congre, continues to be the conscience

Barbara Lee

1:38:57 to 1:39:18( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: of the congress and will continue, will continue to work day and night to make this a more perfect union. thank you, congresswoman fudge, for leading us tonight and for leading us through the nt couple of years with these special orders. and thank you for allowing me to speak for a few minutes tonight. ms. fudge: thank you. mr. speaker, i would like to

Barbara Lee

1:39:19 to 1:39:39( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: thank our distinguished chair for her leadership. and i would now like to yield to the gentleman from new jersey, mr. payne. mr. payne: mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my rashes.

Barbara Lee

1:39:40 to 1:39:41( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: the speaker pro tempore:

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