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House Proceeding 02-23-10 on Feb 23rd, 2010 :: 4:24:25 to 4:28:05
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Mazie Hirono

4:24:22 to 4:24:42( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: claim bipartisanship while working to block full and open debate. i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from colorado is recognized. mr. polis: thank you, madam speaker, i again would like to establish there were exactly two amendments proposed to this piece of legislation, both by members of the republican party and both will be allowed for oor consideration under this rule.

Mazie Hirono

4:24:25 to 4:28:05( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Mazie Hirono

Mazie Hirono

4:24:43 to 4:25:03( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: with that, i would like to yield three minutes to the gentlewoman from hawaii, ms. hirono. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized. ms. hirono: i rise in support of the rule for h.r. 2314, the government reorganization act. i appreciate the work of chairwoman slaughter and

Mazie Hirono

4:25:04 to 4:25:24( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: congressman polis and the work of the rules committee in crafting a fair rule. all amendments were made in order, including two amendments from the minority. as co-author of the bill i'm concerned about the impact and intent of the hastings and flake amendment. hoever the openness and fairness of the rule is consistent with a bill that has been more than 10 years in the

Mazie Hirono

4:25:25 to 4:25:45( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: making. there have been 12 congressional hearings on this bill, five of which were held in hawaii. it has been marked up by committees in both chambers. the house passed the bill twice, first in 2000 and again in 2007. the rule also makes in order the abercrombie substitute

Mazie Hirono

4:25:46 to 4:26:06( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: amendment which reflects a compromise between the hawaii delegation, the state of hawaii, the obama administration, indian country and the hawaiiian community. there have been many falsehoods about this bill over the year. one of these is that this is race-based legislation. native hawaiiians are the

Mazie Hirono

4:26:07 to 4:26:28( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: native, indigenous people of hawaii. they were in hawaii as long ago as 300 b.c. long before captain cook's so-called discovery of the sandwich aisles -- isles as he named this chain of islands. the u.s. supreme court has repeatedly held that legislation enacted to address the special needs and conditions of the native people

Mazie Hirono

4:26:29 to 4:26:50( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: of the united states does not constitute discrimination on the basis of race or ethnicity. the sovereign status of indian tribes recognized by the constitution was later extended to alaska natives as indigenous people. on this same basis, congress has enacted legislation for the

Mazie Hirono

4:26:51 to 4:27:11( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: aboriginal people of hawaii. this extends to the original and all subsequently acquired territory of the united states. for example, in the louisiana purchase treaty of 1803, president jefferson bound the united states to honor the treaties between spain, which held louisiana prior to france, and indian tribes until such

Mazie Hirono

4:27:12 to 4:27:34( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: time as the united states entered into its own treaties withhe tribes. in 1867, in the treaty with russia for what is now the state of alaska, the u.s. agreed to pass laws for the benefit of alaska natives as it does for the natives of t 48 states. the supreme court ruled that

Mazie Hirono

4:27:35 to 4:27:56( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: the indians affairs powers extends to all distinctive native communities within the boards of the united states. while congress' authority is not without limit, it clearly can act on behalf of distinctly indian which means native, communities. "king kong," so long as it is not -- congress, so long as it

Mazie Hirono

4:27:57 to 4:28:06( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: is not arbitrary, can act on behalf of people. they have their own sovereign nation, language, traditional economy and they are the

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