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Neil Abercrombie

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Neil Abercrombie: of hawaiians. and i yield to the the gentleman from hawaii. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. abercrombie: thank you very much, mr. speaker and thank you, mr. chairman and thank you, doc. my regard for you and for all the members is, of course, something that i trust is

Neil Abercrombie

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Speech By: Neil Abercrombie

Neil Abercrombie

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Neil Abercrombie: understood by all. i see my good friend, don young there as well. mr. speaker, this bill is an enabling bill. it establishes a process. the core ofthis bill assures

Neil Abercrombie

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Neil Abercrombie: resources committee, we have had two months of discussions with the hawaii state attorney general, numerous changes as a result in the substitute amendment and added several pages of new text to make the state more comfortable with how a native government interacts with the state government. this is, in factmy amendment.

Neil Abercrombie

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Neil Abercrombie: and i wanted to assure the minority on the floor -- i don't think there is a minority here. doc is quite right, it's not a question of republican versus dem rat or majority or minority but a question of perspective as to what is appropriate with

Neil Abercrombie

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Neil Abercrombie: regard tonative hawaiians and how they establish local government, state government and united states of america. so this has not been something behind closed doors. it has been a full and complete discussion with the governor and with the attorney general. and i think that's reflected in the governor's statement.

Neil Abercrombie

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Neil Abercrombie: in conversation with governor ngle today, we concluded that we would agree to disagree. as representative hastings has indicated, she continues to support the legislative object of the bill and i want to assure the house that her administration will not be disadvantaged in anyway in any

Neil Abercrombie

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Neil Abercrombie: negotiations undertaken upon passage and signing of this bill. as a candidate for governor myself, i'm completely comfortable with the language of the substute -- substitute and i believe that no governor, regardless of who it may be, will be disadvantaged. the substitute amendment treats

Neil Abercrombie

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Neil Abercrombie: native hawaiiian entity and follows centuries of existing native american law. native -- excuse me, mr. speaker, native hawaiians are not a race but an indigenous people of the united states. the united states supreme court has repeatedly held that legislation enacted to address the special concerns and

Neil Abercrombie

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Neil Abercrombie: conditions of native people of the united states does not constitute discrimination on the basis of race or ethnicity. the sovereign status of indian tribes recognized by the constitution was later extended to alaska natives as indigenous people and representative young can attest to that.

Neil Abercrombie

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Neil Abercrombie: on the same basis, congress has enacted legislation on multiple occasions for the aboriginal and indigenous people of hawaii. absent the substitute, h.r. 2314 would undual limit the power of the native hawaiian government entity to accomplish the ordinary and customary

Neil Abercrombie

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Neil Abercrombie: activities of any other native organization, such as providing for the lfare of their children or the health care of its members. the substitute amendment then ensures that the native hawaiian governing entity will have the same power and authorities that other entities exercise today. the native hawaiian government will have sovereign entity, the

Neil Abercrombie

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Neil Abercrombie: same as other native governments, no more, no less. this is not a new provision. under the bill passed by the house in the last congress, it would have sovereign immunity once it is federally recognized. in support of this bill is the congressional delegation of hawaii, the national congress of

Neil Abercrombie

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Neil Abercrombie: american indians, the alaska federation of natives, et cetera, et cetera. the native aerican caucus under representatives kildee and cole, are supportive. native hawaiian organizations such as the sovereign council for homestead organizations and

Neil Abercrombie

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Neil Abercrombie: the office of hawaiian affairs. local political leaders in both houses of the legislature and numerous resolutions from both of those bodies are in support. may i have one more minute? mr. rahall: i yield two more minutes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for two more minutes. mr. abercrombie: i could not

Neil Abercrombie

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Neil Abercrombie: take leave of the floor, mr. speaker, without mentioning the following. it is one thing for representative hastings or young or rahall, myself or others to take to the floor. but without the staff support, it simply couldn't be done. our friend, an institution

Neil Abercrombie

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Neil Abercrombie: national giant of the resources committee, marie, is retiring and i commend her for not just the work on this bill but the devotion she has had. janet is taking her place as staff director for indian affairs. rick and jim have been heavily involved in bringing this bill to the floor.

Neil Abercrombie

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Neil Abercrombie: their efforts are deeply appreciated by everyone. countless hours of staff time and the administration, both departmental and the white house, have been put forward. as has been indicated, mr. speaker, this bill has passed out of the house natural resources committee four times already, passed from the house floor twice. under the leadership of a group

Neil Abercrombie

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Neil Abercrombie: of chairs, don young, george miller and nick rahall. the bill has passed under the leership of speaker dennis hastert and mygood friend tom delay. it is not ideological and nonpartisan. and the last occasion i will have to address the house as i

Neil Abercrombie

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Neil Abercrombie: take my leave, mr. speaker, i love this house. i admire and respect every member. it has been a privilege for me to be first sworn in as the last person to be sworn in by speaker tip o'nil, i take my leave today with profound respect, admiration and affection for

Neil Abercrombie

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Neil Abercrombie: every member of this house of representatives. this is the people's house. you can only enter it upon the fact of having been eected by your constituents. they have placed their faith and trust in us. and i extend my faith and trust that this house will continue the great tradition of democracy.

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