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Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: for a brighter -- brighter tomorrow and with that i yield back the balance of my time, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: mr. burton of indiana. mr. burton: thank you. i ask unanimous consent to address the house for five minutes, revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. mr. burton: mr. speaker, one of the biggest problems facing the middle east and the entire world

Dan Burton

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Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: is the nuclear development program that iran is involved in right now. the international atomic energy agency in just the last few days ha developing a nuclear warhead that they could use at some pot in the future as their nuclear development program

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: continues to expand. they have three or four -- 3,000 or 4,000 centrifuges over there, refining weapons grade nuclear material right now. and the reason this is important is because it not only affects the united states and our capability to provide energy for this country that will be very important for our economy down

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: the road, but our biggest ally and friend in the entire middle east is israel and israel right now does not yet have the capability to hit a major underound nuclear development site that may be developing a nuclear warhead that could destroy tel aviv, could destroy much of israel and kill millions

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: of israelis who are friends of ours and great allies. it's extremely important that this administration do everything they can to support the government of israel in order to make sure that they have the capability and the ability to stop iran's nuclear development program when it

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: starts to imperil and jeopardize the entire middle east. our energy sources that come from there, maybe 35% of our entire energy is dependent on the middle east, and if we have a conflagration over there, it's going to really hurt us, but it will hurt our great ally israel even more and that why we need to tell prime minister netanyahu

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: that we support him and we're going to give him the material and the equipment necessary to deal with iran should they continue down this path. and that means the bunker -busting bombs that will be able to go down 50, 75, 100 feet underground or maybe 150 feet into a mountainside to knock out

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: a nuclear development program if it empir -- imperils the existence of israel or threatens the entire middle east. i can't stress how important this is. the leader of iran, mr. ahmadinejad, has said numerous times that he wants tosee israel wiped off the face of the earth and they're developing a nuclear weapons program and now

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: the ieae is saying that they are developing a warhead, a nuclear warhead that will be able to strike should they be able to use their missile program and so we have to pay real attention to what's going on over there and give israel the ability to do what's necessary and we should support them in every way possible. it we -- if we don't do that we're going toru the day that

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: they finish that nuclear development program in iran and so netanyahu is going to be here before too long speaking here in the united states, i hope that the president will reach outo him and say, we're going to give you all the tools necessary to be able to stop the nuclear risk that iran poses over there if we have to do it.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: and the united states and president obama should work with mr. netanyahu to make sure we get that job done, we certainly don't need a terrorist state like iran developing a nuclear

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