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Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: it, but the justice department we have the obligation here to uphold the dignity and decorum of the house. our standard should not be investigations and imprisonment. it ought to be what upholds the dignity of the house. let's pass this resolution. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired.

Frank R. Wolf

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Speech By: Frank R. Wolf

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: the chair recognizes the gentleman from california, mr. lungren, for five minutes. mr. lungren: i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. lungren: , madam speaker. it's interesting sitting on the floor listening to thepeeches

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: during this period of time. on the one hand i listened to the gentleman from virginia talk about a bipartisan approach to deal with our problem of fiscal irresponsibility and the load of debt we are placing on our children and grandchildren. on the other hand i did hear a gentleman from the other side of the aisle talk to us out why

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: it's bush's fault. when i was in school they were teaching us debate, they talked about the add whom number argument. the personalization of the argument. usually that meant when you didn't have the facts you tried to make it personal. there was also a discussion by a gentleman from the other side of the aisle about the fact that we

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: are finally going to be concerned about the people of america. as if those who disagree with you would be people who are not interested in americans. i'm not sure that gets us anywhere. as a matter of fact i think that gets us nowhere.

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: it is that kind of quasi- debate which leads us down the wrong path. we are without a doubt facing a very difficult situation. as did others i returned to my district to talk to my constituents. i had a teletown hall and i listened to their comments. i also sent out a questionnaire

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: by email and thus far we have received over 1,800 responses. i thought it might be informative to tell this body the feelings of the people in my distri. at least as reflected in this survey. i realize it is not a scientific survey. in response to the question, what's the most immediate

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: economic concern you face? overwhelmingly 53% of the respondents said they were most concerned about declining value of retirement accounts. got to be very concerned about that because if we send a message to the wld that we are fiscally irresponsible, that more and more spendingnd more and more debt is the way to get out of the situation we got into

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: because of spending and debt, those retirement accounts are going to lose more value. we ought to be concerned about the future as well as the immediate present. secondly in response to the question, what is the most important element of an economic stimulus package? the number one response was tax

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: cuts. why? because many of the american people do believe the argument that rsing taxes in the midst of a recession doesn't make sense. and the tax cuts properly articulated, properly enforced create the -- a stimulus to the private sector, particularly the small and medium-sized businesses, where the jobs are

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: really created. not the government sector. secondly the biggest response was, nothing. the economy is strongest when government does notnterfere. and the third response was funding for from -- infrastructure projects. unfortunately, the percentage of money that goes to interest structure projects is relatively

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: small. as is the percentage that goes towards tax cuts. the next question, are you satisfied with the economic stimulus package congress passed? 34% of the people in my district said, no. the details of the size and scope needed to be worked out. perhaps they thought having less

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: than 24 hours to look at a 1,076 page bill was inprote appropriate. congress shouldn't have passed any stimulus package. those concerned that a stimulus package does not stimulate. and third, by a much, much smaller margin, yes, anything the government can do is better than nothing. the next question, i expect the

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: worst the economic crisis to be over within -- this is truly difficult to read because it said that 42% of the respoents thought it would take 24 months or more. second largest response was 13 to 18 months. by 21%. 17% believed it would be 19 to 24 months. in other words, the american people at least reflected in my

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: district by this survey undersnd the seriousness and depth of this economic difficulty. and lastly, i asked them, the economic crisis that impacts on me is such that -- and the response number one was, i am ok right now but aim worried about what will happen to me i the economy continues to get worse.

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: 59% -- 33% of the people said i will face tough decisions but i will survive. and less than 9% said i do not know how i will make it through the time. interesting thing about that response is the resiliency of the american people. they do believe they do have faith we'll get out of this. but they believe we will get out

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: of it through the ingenuity, creativity, stick-to-it-iveness. not government. we should not forget the essence of the greatness of america lies in its people not the government. this government reflects its people. this government is one that was set up to protect the rights of

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: the people but also be protected against an overwaiting government.

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