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House Proceeding 02-24-10 on Feb 24th, 2010 :: 0:55:15 to 1:00:50
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John B. Larson

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John B. Larson: to distingush the danger betweenen underwear bomber and a government that fvors assassinating american citizens. and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. for what purpose does the gentleman from california rise? mr. garamendi: request

John B. Larson

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Speech By: John B. Larson

John B. Larson

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John B. Larson: permission to take mr. defazio's time. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman is . mr. garamendi: tomorrow is a day in which the president will hold a summit on health care. the outcome of that meeting is of extraordinary importance to individuals, to families and to

John B. Larson

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John B. Larson: millions upon millions of americans. indeed, the entire nation. a successful outcome would be one in which we have bipartisan consensus on the critical issues of health care, on how we're going to provide coverage for all americans, how we deal with the pernicious and all too common insurance company

John B. Larson

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John B. Larson: practice of terminating policies when a person becomes ill or denying coverage because of some pre-existing condition. tomorrow's summit is extraordinary -- extraordinarily important because the outcome of that summit may give us insight into how we control the extraordinary increase of cost

John B. Larson

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John B. Larson: in health care, a cost that is not sustainable. either for individuals or for this economy. we're currently spending somewhere in the range of 17% of our g.d.p. on health care. compared to the rest of the industrialized nations, that's nearly 60% to 70% more than they spend of their wealth.

John B. Larson

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John B. Larson: most every other industrialized nation spends 10% or less. we're giving away an extraordinary advantage to our competitors. now, if our health care actually produced extraordinary outcomes for all the population we might say it was worth it. but the fact of the matter is that our health care system

John B. Larson

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John B. Larson: does not. our population statistics, the statistics on how well we are, how long we live, how well our children thrive, how many of them die at birth and in early childhood, all of those statistics would indicate that nation's health care system is very, very poor.

John B. Larson

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John B. Larson: in fact, we rank below colombia and other emerging nations around the world. so what are we going to do? this house passed a very important piece of legislation that goes to address many of these issues. the issue of how we contain our cost, how we improve our system, how we provide for

John B. Larson

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John B. Larson: wellness rather than just sick care. a very complex bill, but one that also provided a very, very important element, the element of a public option. now, i'm from california, and two weeks ago the largest insurance company providing policies, more than 80% of the

John B. Larson

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John B. Larson: single person policies, said, well, i think we are going to increase our rates by up to 39%. and that was on top of a similar rate increase in the previous year, some 60% increase for those individuals that are not in a group that have to go out and buy their insurance on their own. a totally unaffordable situation and they also announced that in the

John B. Larson

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John B. Larson: intervening year, the year after these increases went into effect, they would willy-nilly and at their own will and their own desire increase the cost of those policies. an extraordinary and new event. those individuals, in fact every individual in america

John B. Larson

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John B. Larson: needs a public option, a place to go to get a competitive health insurance policy that provides real benefits at an affordable cost. this house passed such a public option. hopefully at tomorrow's summit that issue will be renewed. but the papers in this town say that issue is dead. i think not.

John B. Larson

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John B. Larson: because in america we do have public options. today they're not readily available to all of us unless you happen to be 65 and that public option is medicare. if you happen to be a federal employee, like i and others in this room, you have a public option available. if you're in the military, you have a public option available to you. a military family.

John B. Larson

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John B. Larson: public options are widely available in america. we need to provide that option for every american. we need real competition. we need blue cross of california to have a competitor. they don't have none today. fortunately this house today took a step to end the monopoly, to end the antitrust

John B. Larson

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John B. Larson: exemption that the health insurance companies have. it will help but will not provide the solution that we need. we need that public option. we need the health care reform that this house passed and hopefully tomorrow at the president's summit the outcome will say, follow the lead of the house, give us a public option, give us the controls on prices, give us the steps

John B. Larson

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John B. Larson: towards staying healthy and let's finally put this nation

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