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John B. Larson

1:41:02 to 1:41:23( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: services held for mr. murtha in johnstown, pennsylvania, that there was an opportunity for an irish wake afterwards. jack, i know, would have been very proud of that and i'm sure he got quite a chuckle with o'neal up in higher place at

John B. Larson

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Speech By: John B. Larson

John B. Larson

1:41:24 to 1:41:47( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: the coming together of so many members and regaling in so many stories of jack murtha. america's lost a great patriot, congress has lost one of its giants, one of the most knowledgeable members on national defense ever to serve

John B. Larson

1:41:48 to 1:42:10( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: here, whose service spanned four decades and eight presidents and members of both chambers and on both sides of the aisle. our hearts go out to joyce and the family. we in this body have lost a person that makes the very essence and fabric of being here

John B. Larson

1:42:11 to 1:42:32( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: so rich and rewarding. it was evident in listening to our colleagues, listening to rodney and bill and jack kingston, talk about mr. murtha, his death is a reminder to us

John B. Larson

1:42:33 to 1:42:54( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: all that our time here and all that we hope to accomplish is fleeting and as he would say, make the most of it while you're here, become expert in a field and most of all stand up for

John B. Larson

1:42:55 to 1:43:16( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: what you believe. jack reminded me in so many ways of my gndfather, with that shocked white hair and piercing blue eyes and his way of questioning but also his incredible irish wit. he loved congress. he was the epitome of what so

John B. Larson

1:43:17 to 1:43:37( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: often is talke about in terms of bipartisan cooperation, as so often demonstrated between he and -- he and bill young or dave hobson. when he gave his word he kept it . he was a member's member. ever cognizant of what he could

John B. Larson

1:43:38 to 1:43:58( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: do to help you and while he was a tough questioner and firm in his convictions, he had an incredible heart and a deep love of history. he loved to talk about tip o'neal and the good old days here. i was fortunate to travel

John B. Larson

1:43:59 to 1:44:19( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: overseas with mr. times. sometimes i thought i drew the short straw in the pennsylvania corner because jack, when he took a trip it was all work. up at 6:00, he was in bed by 7:00. there was no power points and he

John B. Larson

1:44:20 to 1:44:42( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: looked people dead in the eye and he always made sure that he spoke to the enlisted men. because he cared most about them . a decorated hero, two purple hearts and a brown star in vietnam, the first -- the first

John B. Larson

1:44:43 to 1:45:04( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: member from that conflict and veteran elected to the united states congress. personally a young man from east hartford in my hometown was

John B. Larson

1:45:05 to 1:45:25( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: wounded in fallujah. he was in bad shape, he was sent back here and his brother who was fighting alongside of him, a fellow marine, was back there. jack murtha got on the phone and made sure that those brothers were united at bethesda along

John B. Larson

1:45:26 to 1:45:47( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: with their parents. i rember him counseling a father and his teen age son who were at the -- teenage son who were at the hospital in germany. they had just lost a son. i don't know where jack got the

John B. Larson

1:45:48 to 1:46:09( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: strength or that reservoir of courage to comfort and con sole -- console the father and son, but he did in almost father o'malley quality. he cared so deeply about the troops that served this great

John B. Larson

1:46:10 to 1:46:30( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: nation and as bill young pointed out, he and bill made more trips out to bethesda and walter reid with no publicity. they did it out of duty and honor and respect for those who served. he wrote a book, and on these

John B. Larson

1:46:31 to 1:46:53( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: flights i was privileged to, as he would go through it with me, his favorite book of all time was "war and peace". he cared as deeply about peace as he did about making sure that we protected our troops when they're in the field and took

John B. Larson

1:46:54 to 1:47:14( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: care of them when they came home. he will ever stand out in the minds of america for standing up and speaking out against the war in iraq. an that he struggled deeply with. but as so many great americans

John B. Larson

1:47:15 to 1:47:38( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: on this floor and in this chamber and around this nation, he found that profile and courage to stand up and speak out. democrats, i dareay, would not be in the majority if it were

John B. Larson

1:47:39 to 1:48:00( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: not for jack murtha leading the way in speaking out because he is a soldier's soldier and he was respected on both sides of theisle, as you've heard this evening. but as one commentator said, when jack murtha speaks, he

John B. Larson

1:48:01 to 1:48:21( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: speaks for america. and he did. how proud he was to receive the john fitzgerald kennedy profiles in courage award.

John B. Larson

1:48:22 to 1:48:46( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: but his commitment, his life wasn't only about speaking out. it was about the day to day work and belief that he had in the men and women who serve and the people that he was sworn to serve from his district and about the men and women who work here.

John B. Larson

1:48:49 to 1:49:09( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: he loved this institution. how everyone liked to come over to the corner, it seemed as though people were going there either to hear confessions, seek advice and most often to check in on how their projects were doing. but he did it with wit,

John B. Larson

1:49:10 to 1:49:31( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: determination and guile and a deep love and abiding respect for his country. for me personally one of the great honors of being a member of the united states congress will always be to say, i had the opportunity to serve with jack murtha. a great american.

John B. Larson

1:49:32 to 1:49:52( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: god bless you, jack. god bless joyce and your family. mr. kanjorski: thank you very much, mr. larson. and now i yield to the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. carney. mr. carnahan: thank you, mr. kanjorski -- mr. carney: thank you, mr. kanjorski, the new dean, a title hard to accept under these new

John B. Larson

1:49:53 to 1:49:55( Edit History Discussion )

John B. Larson: circumstances. it's interesting, i was

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