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Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: i urge my colleagues to support this rule and the bill. i reserve the balance time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from texas, for what purpose does do you rise? mr. session: thank you, mr. speaker. for recognizing me. i stand in strong opposition. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for 30 minutes. mr. sessions: to this closed rule. and, mr. speaker, let me say this that the gentleman from massachusetts, my colleague, and

Pete Sessions

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Speech By: Pete Sessions

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: friend, has had a chance to sit here and blame george bush for what was entirely this body's responsibility. i think that's an awkward position for anyone to be in to blame the president of the united states for what we have done or what we will do. the gentleman from massachusetts quite plainly said that george

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: bush and republicans tried to hide the real costs of the war. and did not put it in fiscal terms to where it came out for the budget, to where we would all understand it. tried to hide it. well, let me just say this, that we just passed an 800-plus billion dollar emergency

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: spending bill that did exactly the same thing that he was saying george bush did, republicans did about not being honest about what the real facts of the case are. hiding the budget money. mr. speaker, the bottom line is that we are here today to debate a bill that was ready to go last june. people are blaming george bush

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: for our the floor. and i think that that's jt not true. the bottom line is that this body decided through the democrat leadership that they didn't want to move the bill forward. because there was an election and if there had been an election where tens of billions, hundreds of billions of dollars

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: more would be passed by this congress, then the american people would have seen that. instead they waited until after the election. so i rise today in strong opposition to this completely closed rule and to the ill-conceived underlying legislation. weeks after my friends on the other side of the aisle continue to bulldoze their massive spending bills on the floor of

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: the house of representatives with no republican input and no regular order in this congress. this ithe third time in a little over a month that i managed a rule in this 111th congress where my demratic colleagues have had no hearings, no markups, and

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: amendments by republicans. senator harry reid quoted as saying he is going to allow republicans and democrats to offer amendments in the senate. so why won't speaker pelosi allow members of this house the same privilege? in an effort to encourage the democr their promise to the american people of being the most open,

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: honest, and think and our leadership believes that we should hold hearings and be held accountable for what we do, including republican feedback and amendments. and in a letter dated the fifth of this month, speaker pelosi and majority leader hoyer were

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: asked if they would immediately postpone the text of the omnibus and all earmark and spending projects included. i ask unanimous consent to put the letter in the congressional record. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. sessions: yet once again our friends and democrats have posted the text of this massive spending bill which holds nine of the remaining 12

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: appropriations bills. only a day vote and yet our letter states that in the midst of severe recession, taxpayers should have a right t read and see each ovision of this legislation. taxpayers elected each and every one of us. should be able to evaluate

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: the merit of each dollar of government spending that their children and grandchildren will be required to fund. i think americans deserve better. last week i had the opportunity when i was back home for the break to speak to many constituents back in texas. and they are growing increasingly upset and concerned

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: with the amount of massive spending that this democratic jority is pursuing. last week president obama signed a $792 billion stimulus package into law that consisted of over $500 billion in new spending. this week my friends and our colleagues, the democrats, are

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: at it again. now we are discussing a $410 billion omnibus for fiscal ar that we are almost halfway through. the legislation we are discussing today is actually an increase of fiscal year funding which is more than $32 billion.

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: the omnibus appropriations bill contains funding for many of the same agencies and programs that just received funds in the stimulus bill. therefore to uncover the true level of spending for these programs this year, the fding levels of both bills should and must be combined.

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: the combined f.y. 2009 funding for agencies included the omnibus and the stimulus is billion, $301 billion more than these programs received in 2008, for a combined 80% spending increase this year.

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: . 80% increase in spending this year alone. mr. speaker, this week, the president held a fiscal responsibility summit that was attended by republicans and democrats. how can the president take my democrat colleagues seriously when they spend another $410

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: billion after the $792 billion stimulus? there's nothing fiscally responsible regarding designating $1.2 trillion in spending in just two weeks. american families and small businesses are making sacrifices across this country and cutting expenses due to tough economic

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: times, yet this democratic majority continues to spend like there's no problem at all. we are taking a bill that was completely earmarked up last year and assuming that those same needs are needed now.

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