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Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: it appears time might be running out. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back the balance of her time. mr. jones from north carolina. for what purpose does the gentleman rise? >> i ask unanimous consent to address the house for five minutes and revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore:

Bob Goodlatte

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Speech By: Bob Goodlatte

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: without objection, mr. goodlatte from virginia. recognized for five minutes. mr. goodlatte: thank you, mr. speaker. last night members on both sides of the aisle rose repeatedly and applauded the remarks of president obama who called upon the american people to show their resilience that they have in so many occasions in the past to rise above the

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: difficulties that we face and to lead our country out of serious economic crisis. however, today in the light of day, this congress has taken a very, very different approach to trying to solve those problems, the big government approach. today during the debate on the omnibus spending bill, i had

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: planned to offer an amendment. my amendment would have protected the private property rights of citizens and also highlighted the philosophical differences between the democrat majority and the republican's. i would note that not a single amendment was made in order as a result of this vote on this nearly $500 billion spending

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: package. apparently the majority believes that government knows best and the leadership of their party in this congress are the only ones who know best how to doll out americans' hard-earned money and property and they have no qualms about robbing peter to pay paul. despite the lip service the majority gives about the spirit of the american people,

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: majority's policies clearly demonstrate that they believe something quite different. that the people cannot be trusted to make the best use of their own money and property, nor can they be trusted to turn our economy around. republicans actually believe in the american people and they have put their policies where their mouths are republicans unabashedly believe

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: that americans know best how to control their own money and have advocated for targeted tax relief to individuals and small businesses to help the economy he by putting money back into the hands of americans. in addition, republicans believe that t right of private property is a fundamental right, that the foundings of this -- founders

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: of this nation consciously sought to protect against overly zealous bureaucrats. it's especially important in trying times like these when politicses get the idea that they know best the uses for americans' mon and property. i've sponsored legislation to protect private property from

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: aggressive government use of eminent is what the amendment i offered at the rules committee to the omnibus spending measure would have done. my amendment would have prevented funds in this guy january tick spending bill from being used to seize private property from one person to give to another. this seems simple enough. but the majority decided to block this amendment which

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: would have prevented the use of any of the funds in this massive nearly $500 billion spending measure from being used for that purpose. to take people's property for private economic development purposes. but the majority decided to block the amendment and not allow a vote on the house floor. in fact, the vote to stifle

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: debate on this amendment occurred on a purely partisan basis in the rules committee. it seems clear that the majority's solution to -- solution to the current economic crisis is to spend other people's money. the truth is that we are beginning to see the results that this laboratory of big government spending is producing and it is no surprise the results are dismal. the government simply cannot

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: operate as efficiently nor adapt as quickly as individuals and entrepreneurs. the likely response by the government to its own failure will be more spending. as is evident from the trillion-d package that congress passed two week ago as well as the nearly half-trillion-dollar omnibus spending bill we voted on today.

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: there is no end in site to the -- sight to the unprecedented levels of spending we are witnessing and that is precisely why we should dr a very clear line now. house republicanselieve tha instead of spending ease we need a spending freeze. we may now see a budget deficit of $3 trillion this year alone. that's $3 trillion.

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: divide that by the $300 million people in the united states -- 300 million people in the united country, that the government will spend more than the government will take in. $10,000 per person more that will be spent on all of these massive government programs than the government will take in. this is beyond unacceptable.

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: we need reform and it is clear that congress must h reform forced upon it. that's why over 160 bipartisan co-sponsors have joined me in an attempt to force the federal government to rein in spending and eliminate the deficit by amending the constitution to require it. earlier thi a balanced budget constitutional amendment, house

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: joint resolution 1, to require that on the first day -- that on the first day of this congress, the legislation has

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