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House Proceeding 02-25-09 on Feb 25th, 2009 :: 1:14:25 to 1:18:40
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Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: and absolutely i frequently say at home as i'm going around the 10th congressional district in georgia, socialism hasn't worked. it won't work today. it has never worked in the past. and that's exactly what we're doing. i described the stimulus bill just passed in the house a couple weeks ago as being shoved down the throats of

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Speech By: Paul Braun, Jr.

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: the american public. and it will strangle the economy and it will kill the american taxpayer -- the american people economically. and i believe likewise that we're seeing bill after bill -- tomorrow we're going to have a housing bill on the floor that's going to create bigger government, spend more money. certainly people need to be able to buy houses. people need to be able to buy

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: cars. the big three automakers are having problems. i have my own dealers at home that talk to me about the car sales. in fact, i visited one and talked to the service people. i talked to the used car people. i talked to the new car people. i talked to the folks across the board in a large dealership in the 10th congressional district.

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: . they are arhurting around this country. and we need to do something and there is something that can be done. republicans have proposed things that go along with what you're talking about tonight, the supply side, which means that we need to get dollars back in people's hands. we need to have small business

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: be able to have the capital money to create a new job, to be able to go out and buy inventory, to be able to do the things that they need to to be successful as a small business and that's the economic engine of america. i was just watching "fox friends" two mornings ago and

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: the people there were talking about that the banks are the economic engines of america. they are totally misled. small business is th engine of america. mr. akin: reclaiming my time. what i think i'm hearing you say. i think it's so much common sense and so many americans understand this and it's about productivity, isn't it?

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: mr. broun: absolutely. mr. akin: if you just look at your own life and if you want to do better, you become more productive, you produce more product and get more stuff done and therefore you can earn more money that way. and it not that complicated. economists would like to make it

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: seem complicated so they have the nice job. it's not that complicated when a business, an investor, entrepreneur, puts money out and makes a good investment and then they adjust a little bit and come up with a better way of doing things and we call it productivity.

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: in order for the process to work, like oil inside a machine, you have to have liquidity and capital out there for these investors to be investing. the whole logic of what you're saying, you have to prime the pump a little bit and let people keep some money so they can invest it. and of course, the thing that kills it is, if you start to

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: suck allhe money out of the economy, now you don't have anybody investing and so you start to run into this condition of joblessness and we understand what that's like. i yield. mr. broun: you have a great chart here and you can explain it to our viewers, pre-tax

Paul Braun, Jr.

1:18:09 to 1:18:31( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Braun, Jr.: relief and pro-tax relief and i'll stop here in a second, bu the great thing of this chart that you are just fixing to explain is that tax relief will stimulatthe economy by getting the regulatory burden and tax burden off of small business, will create jobs. we'll have a stroneconomy. people will have good paying jobs so they can buy a car, buy

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: a house, can pay for the college education for their children or technical education. they can do the things they need, buy clothes, all the

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