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House Proceeding 02-25-09 on Feb 25th, 2009 :: 1:36:15 to 1:40:30
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Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: say, we don't need an 80% increase in discretionary spending. as you pointed out, mr. akin, that -- much o will be there 10 years fro now. mr. akin: reclaimi my time. what you're really saying, what we passed on this floor today in an of itself was an 8% increase. and that 8% increase is the biggest we've had in these

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Speech By: Paul Braun, Jr.

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: categories since carter was president. but that 8% is deceiving because you can add to it all of the stuff in the porkulous or a lot of it that was in the porkulous bill and that's going to run up to an 80% increase. what we're talking about is a massive increase in government programs. i see my other doctor friend, congressman broun fr georgia,

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: i yield to the gentleman. mr. broun: thank you, mr. akin. i want to point out something here, too, as dr. gingrey was coming on the floor, he and i have the mutual thought that president obama has promised the american people that he would veto any bill that had earmarks in it. and i call upon the president to

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: veto this bill that we passed today. it has over 9,000 earmarks in it. mr. akin: reclaiming my time, gentlemen. i heard it was 7,500 earmarks. mr. broun: whatever. mr. akin: he said if it's going to have earmarks in it he'll veto it. what's he going to say, those things are not earmarks those

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: things that look l smell like earmarks are not earmarks? i yield. mr. broun: we heard last night that that porkulous bill, i say a steam roll of socialism being shoved down the throats of the american public. he said to the american public there were no earmarks in that bill.

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: the whole -- the whole nonstimulus bill was earmarks. it was payback to all the liberal folks who supported him and supported our democratic majority. they don't have any ideas or they're old ideas.

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: the thing is they are absolutely false in itself. just on today's bill, i offered an amendment that the democrats wouldn't take that actually cut the discretionary spending out of this bill 10%. american families are cutting their budgets. they're hurting. certainly congress could do the

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: same thing. mr. akin: reclaiming my time. you made an amendment and it said we want to cut 10% out of this bill. and when you made that amendment, did you bring that amendment the floor, and did you have a chance to vote on it? i yield. mr. broun: no, they wouldn't let it. the thing is we hear -- we heard from the leadership on the

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: democratic side that we were going to have a new era of openness and fairness. but we weren't allowed any amendments. the rules committee ruled that this was going to be a closed rule. that they wouldn't accept my amendment or any others. the republican party had another amendment to just freeze spending across the board, not

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: increase it, so just not bring this bill to the floor, just continue to have another continuing resolution to continue current spending for the rest of this budget year. that wouldn't be considered. we've brought plan after plan, project after project. we've brought forth to the

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: democratic majority many ideas that would stimulate the economy, would create jobs, would leave money in the hands of the people as well as small business, would not borrow from our grandchildren but the democratic majority won't even consider those things and have totally shut us out.

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: mr. akin: reclaiming my time, gentlemen. i see that my congressional friend from georgia, also, and dr. gingrey, i yield to you. mr. gingrey: mr. akin, t you. i want to add to what dr. broun was saying. that continuing resolution amendment, in other words, let's stay at 2008 levels, the ones

Paul Braun, Jr.

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Paul Braun, Jr.: that we showed in the blue on

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