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House Proceeding 02-25-09 on Feb 25th, 2009 :: 2:00:20 to 2:06:55
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Chris Murphy

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Chris Murphy: without objection, the gentleman from south carolina, mr. spratt, is recognized for five minutes. now the gentleman from connecticut may proceed. much, madam speaker. we are here to convene what is unfortunately become a little

Chris Murphy

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Speech By: Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy

2:00:37 to 2:00:57( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: bit more infrequent in this legislative session, our 30-something working group. we're so glad that the speaker of the house once again has convened the 30-something members of the democratic caucus to work on issues affecting not only our generation of americans who are struggling like everyone else with this very difficult

Chris Murphy

2:00:58 to 2:01:19( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: economy, but also on behalf of all americans who are crying out right now to the obama administration, to this congress, to both democrats and republicans to step up to the plate and help them start making ends meet. we're going to be here today, with my colleague mr. altmire

Chris Murphy

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Chris Murphy: and hopefully we'll be joined later by one of the new members of the caucus, mr. boccieri to discuss what is becoming a historic mome nation's history. as president obama challenges this congress and this nation to do two things, to step up to

Chris Murphy

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Chris Murphy: the plate and enact short-term stimulus to create jobs in this country to put people back to work, to make banks start lending again, and to get our economy recovering. but also, to do something else. to recognize that this economy has been imper -- imperiled for a long time by a weak energy

Chris Murphy

2:02:05 to 2:02:26( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: policy, by a crippling health care system with rising costs, and a relative lack of investment in education compared to those countries we compete with. his challenge to us last night was to do what we need to do now and come together to rebuild this economy, in the short-term but also in the long-term. madam speaker and my

Chris Murphy

2:02:27 to 2:02:47( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: colleagues, i got to hear just the end of the presentation of our colleagues who spoke before us on the floor. and it is, i think, amazing to many of us to see this newfound interest on behalf of of the republicans on this floor on the issue of fiscal

Chris Murphy

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Chris Murphy: responsibility and deficit reduction. as president obama pointed out last night, this administration has inherited the largest debt in the history of this nation, coming after the bush administration, which took a national debt from $4 trillion to nearly $10 trillion, who

Chris Murphy

2:03:11 to 2:03:32( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: wracked up more debt for this nation in one administration of eight years than every single other president combined. that's what this congress inherits. republicans who controlled this house for 12 years sat by idly as our children and our grandchildren were put in hock.

Chris Murphy

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Chris Murphy: they ignored the growing weakness of our health care system and the burden it placed on small businesses. they ignored the fact that our energy system was being held hostage by those who produce oil and gas overseas, and they let our education system and our investments therein wither away as head start got cut, as

Chris Murphy

2:03:55 to 2:04:15( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: special education funding got cut, as higher education and financial aid funding got cut. and all of a sudden, we woke up overnight to the fact to the fact that our economy was in great pearl and owed $10 -- in great peril and we owed $10 trillion to the rest of the world. eight years this president and

Chris Murphy

2:04:16 to 2:04:37( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: the republicans stood here on the floor of this house and down pennsylvania in the white house and allowed all of this to happen. meanwhile, pursuing a system of vast deregulation and laissez-faire policies on wall street which ultimately created the crisis that occurred last summer. a lack of investment in health

Chris Murphy

2:04:38 to 2:04:58( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: care reform, an inattention to energy policy, and a withdrawal from education investment, combined with a strategy of whatever wall street wants, wall street gets, and we find ourselves where we are today. so i appreate hearing from our republican friends that now we should start paying attention to the debt.

Chris Murphy

2:04:59 to 2:05:19( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: we absolutely should. president obama set a mission before us last night to have the american -- to halve the american def four years. we're going to accept that challenge. but the fact is that the republicans are johnny-come-latelies to this debate. we wouldn't be in the situation we are today if we'd had more

Chris Murphy

2:05:20 to 2:05:40( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: friends on the republican side of the aisle who practiced what they preached when it came to fiscal responsibility. it's the reason that mr. altmire and mr. boccieri and myself are here. we were sent to congress to fix this mess. we were sent here to represent districts thatere represented by republicans for a very long

Chris Murphy

2:05:41 to 2:06:01( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: time because people this our district started waking up to the notion that if they cared about the debt being levied on their kids, maybe it wasn't the republican party that was best to carry that banner. we're going to talk about positive steps that this country and this congress can take to start lessening that burden. we're going to tighten our

Chris Murphy

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Chris Murphy: belts, we're going to get our revenue and expenditure policy straight. we're going to start stimulating this economy again. we're going to talk about positive things. i bet there's going to be plenty of opportunity for republicans and democrats to agree on that. i think we should also agree on what the history of the institution is and the fact

Chris Murphy

2:06:24 to 2:06:45( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: that this congress inherited an absolute fiscal mess from the republicans. i appreciate the charts and the graphs and the "newsweek" covers and the political cartoons that get brought up here on republican special orders, but there's a certain amount of revisionist history that gets brought up here. the 30-somethings have always

Chris Murphy

2:06:46 to 2:06:55( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: been about how we can move forward and making the record clear for the american people. i thk it's appropriate that we do a little bit of both tonight that we talk about our path forward, the very

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